Top 5 Worst Transfers in Football History

  • Football history remembers many transfers that failed to be good
  • Torres, Ibrahimovic and more: which players chose the wrong club?
worst transfers in football history

Not all signings are successful as well as not every player fits a particular club. Sometimes, a seemingly good deal turns out to be one of the worst transfers in football history. Let’s see which 5 popular footballers’ transfers fans would rather forget.

Signing a good football player can turn the tables. Thanks to “a new blood”, a football club may get a second wind… or lose it completely. Unfortunately, not each and every transfer is successful: for every Ronaldo there is a Torres and for every Ibrahimovic there is – well – an Ibrahimovic. Let’s see which are the worst transfers in football history.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic is among the best and worst sign-ups

Zlatan Ibrahimovic is undoubtedly a legend. The Swedish footballer scored everywhere he played proving his talent, persistence, and leadership skills. Last year, he entered the list of the most successful transfers after rejoining Milan. His amazing performance gave a boost to his odds to win Guldbollen 2020; however, it hasn’t always been like that.

Back in 2009, Ibrahimovic was sold by Milan to Barcelona. Yet the player’s performance in Spain wasn’t that bad, fans wondered why the club had traded €46 million and Samuel Eto’o for a player of the same level. Additionally, Zlatan’s bad temper didn’t allow him to play in Leo Messi’s shadow for a long time – he was back in Italy at the end of the season.

Shevchenko is on the list of the worst transfers in football history

Another Milan’s superstar of the 2000s is on the list of unsuccessful transfers. Ukrainian player Andriy Shevchenko was on fire in the Italian club having scored 24 goals in 32 matches during his first season. However, the biggest success came to the striker in 2004, when he won Ballon d’Or. In total, Shevchenko scored 175 goals in seven years spent in Italy.

Such an impressive result made Chelsea buy the Ukrainian footballer in 2005. The English club offered a record-high €73 million for the player, but Milan asked for Hernán Crespo and €43 million. Unfortunately, this transfer was not as good as expected. During his three-year career in the EPL, Shevchenko has scored just nine goals and returned to Italy. To bet on Italian and English domestic leagues, visit Bwin Sportsbook.

worst transfers in football history
Shevchenko –, CC BY-SA 3.0 GFDL, via Wikimedia Commons

Phil Coutinho’s transfer to and from Barcelona fired back

One of the most memorable transfers of the last years was undoubtedly Philippe Coutinho. The Brazilian player had a great career in Liverpool when Barcelona desired to sign him to strengthen the Messi-Suarez duo. Unluckily for Catalans, didn’t adjust to the local football and scored only 21 goals in 76 games. Barcelona and their fans were disappointed. Lately, the club gave Coutinho on loan to Bayern Munich and this decision fired back at them in a memorable 2-8 UCL match with Philippe scoring 7th and 8th goals.

The list of worst transfers in football history includes Torres

worst transfers in football history
Torres – Warrenfish, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Following online sportsbooks in France, no list of the worst transfers in football history goes without Fernando Torres. In 2011, the Liverpool star joined another Premier League Club – Chelsea – for €59 million. However, the signing fell short of expectations. Yet Torres scored 45 goals in his new club, he failed to reach the same heights as he did in Liverpool. Additionally, he never netted more than eight goals in a season. This is not the worst-ever result, but fans expected Torres’s performance to be better.

Andy Carrol’s transfer usually tops all lists of bad signings

Another remarkable transfer in 2011 is usually named the worst-ever by football editions. Andy Carroll was playing in Newcastle when Liverpool decided to buy this talented English footballer. The club even decided to sell Fernando Torres but was mistaken as Carroll never replaced him. Andy scored just 6 goals in his first season, so Liverpool gave him on loan to West Ham Utd in 2012. 

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