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Top 6 People Made Famous By Gambling

In this article, we have collected the top 6 people made famous by gambling. Therefore, these people have made a living out of gambling. Furthermore, they became public celebrities. Because they were either important, influential, or just extremely successful. However, the entertainment industry has a hand in all of this too. However, joining their path is not impossible. Because all you have to do is to register at the online poker sites in Norway

Therefore, you already have it easier than they used to. Because all you need to do is to be successful in the game. However, you will have to make a plan, and participate in serious tournaments to make a name out of gambling. But always remember, the historical gambling figures were not always historical or relevant. However, they were lucky and skilled enough to make it.

1. Richard Nixon – Top 6 People Made Famous By Gambling

Let’s kick off the top 6 people made famous by gambling with the most prestigious of them all. Because one of the Presidents of the United States has been founded by playing Poker. That’s right. Without poker, we wouldn’t have had Richard Nixon become a part of history. Whether it is good or bad, we let you decide. According to History, he was a U.S. Navy Lieutenant who played poker in his free time during duty. However, many of his comrades have reported that he was the greatest gambler they have ever met. 

Therefore, once he bluffed a commander for $1,500 with a pair of deuces. However, everything comes to an end. Therefore, when he returned from duty, he had enough money to finance his political campaign. And this is how gambling made him famous. Because he won the California congress seat in 1946. Try his luck at 32Red Poker.

2. Edward Thorp

Edward Thorp is one of the most famous gamblers in history. He is also one of the top 6 people made famous by gambling. Because if people ask you to tell who your University math teacher is, then you might not remember his name. However, you will remember if you were taught by Edward Thorp.

Do you know the math calculation gambling meme? It was all inspired by the achievements of this genius mathematician mastermind. Because Edward Thorp used to create mathematical calculations to cheat at gambling. 

Therefore, he amassed thousands of dollars, always using disguises so casinos couldn’t recognize him. However, this man is still relevant today. Because he went from poker cheater to important blackjack researcher. Therefore, he is a person who was not sued or arrested. Instead, companies decided to hire him so his brilliance can prevent other geniuses from exploiting casinos.

3. Phil Hellmuth – Top 6 People Made Famous By Gambling

According to Diario AS, Phil Hellmuth is the most successful WSOP player. Therefore, he has won 16 WSOP bracelets during his career. Furthermore, he is still relevant in the world of Poker. Therefore, you will run into his name if you are a part of the community. Because Hellmuth is not only a successful poker player. Therefore, he became one of the main faces of WSOP without having an entertainment agreement with the company. 

Because he has an entertaining personality, and a brilliant mind made for business. Therefore, you can still buy his books about Poker that explain everything he learned. If you are familiar with his strategies, then you should register at 32Red Poker. Hellmuth has celebrated joining the top 6 people made famous by gambling in a unique way. Because when he earned recognition, he walked in and sat down at the table in a Darth Vader suit.

4. Phil Ivey

If you are still interested in the top 6 people made famous by gambling. Then let us introduce another Phil on the list. Because Phil Ivey is one of the greatest masterminds in the history of poker. Because there are hundreds of nearly impossible bluffs this man has delivered. What makes him one of the most unique players is his approach to poker. Because he can act like nothing is going on for him. Therefore, he is famous for being one of the most surprising players of all time. 

Because his plays are way too hard to comprehend sometimes. What confirms his brilliance is that people are debating his IQ on the internet. The community calls him the Tiger Woods of poker and the greatest player all over the world. Therefore, he received a great career by playing cards.

5. Bill Benter

Bill Benter is not just a simple person. Therefore, he is another on the list of the top 6 people made famous by gambling. However, this time it is he who made gambling in the first place. Because he amassed wealth by making bets on horse racing. Furthermore, he used this wealth to create software that makes the most precise analysis of these races. 

Therefore, he is running his own company, and he is also a professor at the Southampton Management School. However, he has done nothing else in his career that would make him famous. He is a man who worked hard for his success. Yet, he owns no titles aside from University Graduate, Professor, and of course CEO. Therefore, it was betting on horses that set him up on the path. Nowadays, he is a philanthropist. Because he used his wealth for political movements.

6. Titanic Thompson – Top 6 People Made Famous by Gambling

According to Golf Digest, Titanic Thompson was more than just the top 6 people made famous by gambling. Because he is a fond or angering memory in the heart of the community. Therefore, people refer to him as the greatest hustler of all time. Because Titanic Thompson was many things. A successful golf bettor, and a hobbyist golf player. Furthermore, he was a cheat and many people will tell you that they would shoot him if they were still alive. 

However, no person on earth will deny his hard work and brilliance. Because according to his wife, gambling was more important than food, sleeping, and love. Even in our modern society, this isn’t a healthy mentality. A man of no profession, yet great wealth. He could have become a great golfer; however, the life of a hustler was more alluring for him.

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