Top 7 Oscar-Winning Celebrities: Most Deserved Awards

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Top 7 Oscar-Winning Celebrities

Many celebrities have won a golden statue throughout history. We collected the top 7 Oscar-winning celebrities. These media personalities were truly deserving of the title of best performers of their genre. Whether it is as an actor or a music composer. Online sportsbook sites in the US are updated on every single Oscar event and category each year. While waiting for the results of your bet this year, let’s check the top 7 Oscar-winning celebrities.

1: Eminem – Marshall Mathers

The first person to mention on the list of top 7 Oscar-winning celebrities, is the famous hip-hop artist, Eminem. Marshall Mathers conquered the world of hip hop in the early 2000’s. With his controversial lyrics and meaningful stories behind his musical album, even as a top-selling music artist, his talent was always underappreciated. His music has always been telling some sort of story or meaning. In 2022, he took the role of the main character in 8 Mile. He received an Oscar nomination for Best Original Music as the writer of the film’s music. He did not show up to take the award for himself, however. This careless attitude makes him the legendary person he is. According to Pop Culture, hedidn’t show up, because he never thought the show would win a golden statue.

2: Will Smith – Top 7 Oscar-Winning Celebrities

Will Smith is the odd item on the top 7 Oscar-Winning Celebrities. While he was nominated for every categories. He never had the chance to take a golden statue home yet. His songs were more successful than his acting.

Even if Will Smith was considered a legend in the childhood of many 2000’s kids. He was even nominated for the worst supporting actor award, but he was too good to win it. He is on the list because we believe this year he is going to win an Oscar Award. Take this one as a bonus prediction. His act in King Richard might win him the long-deserved golden statue. If it does, it will be as big as DiCaprio’s award was.

3: Anthony Hopkins

Known for his performing act as Nixon. Anthony Hopkins is one of the many names that instantly come to mind when we are mentioning the best actors. Insanely talented and he has a natural taste for acting. His facial expressions are hard to forget, and his actions in the Silence of the Lamb are unforgettable. Receiving two awards for his role in The Father. And he also is one of the most memorable actors, due to his playing role in The Bunker, playing the role of the most infamous leader of history. Because his acting was so iconic and perfect, most assume his face with Anthony Hopkins’s act.

4: Katharine Hepburn – Top Oscar-Winning Celebrity

According to the database of the Statista, Katharine Hepburn is the celebrity who earned the most Oscar Awards. Her latest award was from her role in ‘On Golden Pond’. She, unfortunately, passed away, but she is still the actress with the most awards collected. Her outstanding performance was always honest and professional.

Because she comes from a wealthy family, who offered her the best and most proper education possible. She is also a huge icon in the history of feminism. And many women are proud to have such women on the list of great women of world history.

5: Julianne Moore

Most famous for her role in the movie ‘Hannibal’. Yet the most deserved award was her main role in ‘Still Alice’. Because this character just purely resonated with the looks and acting behavior of Julianne Moore. She made the story feel real. Playing a character diagnozied with Alzheimer’s. The movie was important in raising awareness about the struggle that comes with the illness. For this, both the directors, writers, and Julianne Moore had a straight place in the list of top 7 Oscar-winning celebrities.

6: Tom Hanks

Forrest Gump is one of the most iconic movie acts of all time. The movie alone would be enough to put Tom Hanks in just about any top lists regarding acting performance.

The movie just simply couldn’t be the same without him acting in it. Almost as if he was born for this act. Because according to the archived New York Times article, no actor on this earth could have become a better main character in this movie than him. And this act only, made his Oscar Awards one of the most deserved moments in the history of the Academy.

7: Leonardo DiCaprio

Finally, we reached the most famous and long-awaited name on the list. Leonardo DiCaprio’s Oscar award made the world loud for two days after his name was spoken at the Academy Awards. After how many times he was not winning. After wrestling a bear he finally received the golden statue. According to Esquire, this is one of the most important moments in the Academy’s history to highlight.

His act after receiving the award just endorses his greatness. He stepped on the stage, and without further ado, he began to talk about raising awareness of Global Warming. A true legend, who acts upon the betterment of the world, even in his rare moments when he could shine and reflect on himself. Because of this, Leonardo DiCaprio will always be the most deserving actor.

Top 7 Oscar-Winning Celebrities 

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