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  • Mukhtar Mohidin Won The UK’s 1st Rollover Jackpot
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  • Papers Gleefully Recount Supposedly Cautionary Tale
Winning The Lottery

With heavy use of words like “tragic” the British tabloid press have happily retold the story of Mukhtar Mohidin. He was the first rollover jackpot winner in the UK. Thus they have immortalized him, and not perhaps for the most savory of reasons. Which is great. However, they dwell on what happened to Mukhtar after winning the lottery. He won one of the best lottery jackpots but then saw his life spiral away from him. Something the tabloids then use.

It is not an unusual story. With so many people winning the lottery week on week around the world some of them are bound to come a cropper. Thus not everyone gets to live happily every after. Some people just can’t handle instant wealth. They make poor decisions or bad judgements. Naturally, the papers seize on these stories with great enthusiasm. Especially if they find the winner objectionable. Their editorial agendas pandering to their readers are never far away. 

So that’s why they hound “Lotto Louts” like Michael Carroll. He didn’t live the sort of live the pearl-necklace clutching editors of Britain’s tabloids liked. So, they reveled in his inability to successfully navigate sudden riches. Indeed some of the cynical amongst you might believe they goaded him into some of his own downfall. They’d deny it, of course, but he won the best lottery to play in the UK and is now broke. The tabloids love to hint this is the fate all chavs deserve.

Tabloid Prejudices Never Far Away In Lottery Tale

Sadly they don’t save their barely veiled schadenfreude for merely the poor. Oh no. We all know the British tabloid press have far more people on their hate list than a mere single economic strata. So, as you can imagine, when Mukhtar Mohidin won the first rollover jackpot in the UK’s burgeoning lottery back in 1994 they took huge pleasure in watching his life slowly fall apart. We all know winning the lottery doesn’t always work out well. The tabloids just pretend they don’t. 

“He died of good living.”

  • Relative of Mukhtar Mohidin

They ladle on the disingenuous theatrical surprise that not everyone can perfect getting rich and staying happy. They look for fault or blame. Naturally, with their own agenda to push they tend to highlight whatever it is they find objectionable. As if they should sit in judgment of the progressive jackpot lotteries winner’s behavior. Sometimes they tut at people winning the lottery and indulging in travel or drug use, parties or purchases. With Mukhtar it was Islam. 

Winning The Lottery
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The tabloids enjoy reminding everyone that Muslims shouldn’t gamble and Mukhtar was a Muslim. This is just one of many little slurs with which they scatter their stories about Mukhtar. They fixate on his religion and if were somehow to blame for his failing to turn winning the lottery into a perfect life. Did they never describe Michael Carroll’s religious affiliation? No. So why is it you can’t read more than a few lines about Mukhtar without them bringing it up again?  

“He’d stroke my face menacingly and say; ‘For £100,000 I could have you killed.’” 

  • Charlotte Doyle – Prostitute

So, he won the lottery, and is Muslim, he got divorced, and is Muslim, he had a love child with a prostitute and is a Muslim. Annoyingly, the tabloids hammer the message home shifting blame from the money to his religion. Fortunately, the best lotto jackpot reviews one reads at Lotto Agent never replicate this horrid jaundiced view. Lotto Agent helps people to win the lottery. They don’t sit in judgment over what should happen to them after winning the lottery. Ever.

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We take a look at how winning the lottery didn’t mean Mukhtar Mohidin lived happily ever after and the British tabloid press know exactly why.

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