Top High Roller Casino Rewards

High Roller Casino rewards

Are you a high roller or a frequent online casino player? Then don’t miss out on the different high roller casino rewards that available at most top-tier online casinos and poker rooms.

According to our sources, the number of high rollers at online casinos is constantly increasing, pointing towards a new trend or maybe even an era in iGaming. At the dawn of this new trend, we must call attention to some privileges that are missed by many of the big sharks out there. Similarly, to brick-and-mortar casinos, online gambling sites provide special treatment to big-time players. However, at some sites, the reward system is not automatically enabled or triggered by the deposits, therefore, the benefits slip away.

First thing first, it doesn’t matter if you play slots, poker, bingo, or other online casino games: if you’re a high roller or frequent player, you’re eligible for many special offers. Some are tricked into thinking, that bingo players cannot redeem special high roller casino rewards, which is false. If your experiences prove otherwise, make sure to contact the casino’s customer service and ask about their VIP system. Your contribution and commitment should be rewarded; if a casino thinks otherwise, maybe it’s time to consider playing elsewhere.

There are many different types of high roller casino reward systems. Some of them are actual High Roller rewards, meaning that you can claim them only for huge deposits. Others are cumulative, becoming accessible overtime as you deposit and play more at the casino. There are some attentive online casinos that will contact you to offer special bonuses. Others won’t do it by themselves, which does not automatically come down to them being tight-fisted. Let’s take a look at the three of the best high roller casino rewards and systems out there, which you should either claim or consider as examples for great VIP treatment.

Top High Roller Casino Rewards

Raging Bull Casino’s VIP Program

Raging Bull Casino’s VIP Program can be classified as an automatic reward system. Each and every deposit of yours translates to comp points, right from your first deposit. Therefore, you don’t have to prove that you’re a high roller in order to be considered for the VIP treatment. The higher you roll, the more points you earn: it’s simple, yet rewarding. There are five VIP tiers at Raging Bull Casino: green, red, silver, gold, and diamond. All of these come with a unique Raging Bull Casino bonus code, that’s unlocked as you play more and more. At the higher levels, you’ll get exclusive anniversary and birthday bonuses, tailored especially for you. As a Diamond Level player, you’ll get a 450% match bonus that can be redeemed 8 times every week.

Drake Casino VIP Rewards Plan

Drake Casino became the go-to place for online casino tournaments and high roller tables. Therefore, it’s natural that they offer their own version of a high roller casino rewards system. Drake Casino’s VIP plan is not an automatic one; you have to activate it separately. When you register at the online casino, you’ll receive a mail with the instructions on how to set up your VIP plan. Once you activated it, you will earn Rewards Points for every wager placed in the casino. The points can be redeemed for cash and other prizes. There are six levels, form a starting level (Amber) to the highest level that starts at 1,000,000 points (Diamond). Your VIP account will allow you to join monthly giveaways and to play games for more reward points.

Juicy Stakes High Roller and Loyalty Rewards

Juicy Stakes, one of the most popular online poker sites, has a four-level loyalty and high roller reward system. As a member, you can earn gold cards, gold chips, frequent player points and climb the loyalty levels. The collectible Gold Cards are received randomly, whenever you play cash games. You can use these for seats in high roller tournaments or sell them for cash to other players. Frequent Player Points (FPP) are earned by playing cash poker ring games, tournaments, or selected games. The FPPs can be exchanged for Gold Chips (100 FPP = 1 Gold Chip) that are redeemable for free tournament play. Juicy Stakes’ Loyalty Levels are divided to tiers, providing more and more rewards. You’ll earn FPPs automatically, so you don’t have to register separately.

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