2016 Sucks And You Should Bet On It Getting Worse, Much Worse.

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There have been some terrible years in history. Those years inflicted by the Black Death, that saw the march of war, which weathered the suffering of famine, however despite all these many years of history that have been covered in blood and treachery, pain and misery, disaster and calamity, it now has to be said that this year, 2016…that 2016….well…..that 2016 sucks, okay? It just sucks, and you know what? I bet it’ll get worse too.

2016 Sucks, Right?

  • terrorist attacks
  • mass shootings
  • Jeremy Corben

When I began writing for Gaming Zion it was made abundantly clear to me that I wasn’t allowed to just sit frothing at the keyboard ranting away in a wholly negative manner about whatever happened to be on my mind at the time. It was emphasized. It was underlined. It was explained……twice. However with my boss on holiday in some far flung corner of the world (where, for some mystifying reason, the less civilized air conditioning available the “cooler” it all apparently is) I really do have to say; 2016 sucks.

Now let me be clear, personally I’m having a rather spiffing time of it, everything hunky-dorey, tickerty-boo, just dandy thank you oh so very much, however the rest of the world seems to be having a run of luck so bad not even TV sitcom writers would think it plausible. It’s been ghastly, and if you’re in the US gambling news headlines are going to suddenly stop being about one disaster after another, think again, 2016 sucks so bad it just isn’t going to happen. Indeed I think it’s going to get worse.

2016 Sucks Like Gaping Chest Wound

That 2016 sucks cannot be in question. So far we’ve had terrorist attacks in Belgium and France, the deaths of David Bowie and Prince, Victoria Wood and Larry Sanders, Alan Rickman and Caroline Aherne, a vote in the UK to leave the European Union and a Turkish coup against a dictator that failed. We’ve had mass shootings in the US, a rubbish Euro 2016 (unless you were from Iceland, Wales or Hungary) and discovered Mossack Fonseca was helping the rich fuck the rest of us just a bit deeper.

Belgium military

Terrorist attacks in Europe are becoming more and more common (photo:

The US elections have thrown up two candidates no one likes or trusts, one a racist fool with insane ideas and no brains, the other a cynical power-hungry lunatic looking to get revenge on just about everyone that made her look stupid when Bill was cigar banging the help in the 90s, and if you like to bet on sports in the US just remember, the Olympics is bankrupting Brazil, taking place in an open sewer & helping spread Zika around the world. All this and Jeremy bloody Corbyn. See? 2016 sucks.

2016 Sucks Bad But Is Trump Really The Finale?

Bad News Parade

  • Zika Virus
  • Brexit Vote
  • Donald Trump

The odds on proof of the existence of Aliens this year are just 20/1, which is quite low, but they have to be because Donald Trump becoming President of the United States is just 2/1. Look, I’ll type that again in case you missed it. There’s a 2/1 chance Donald Trump, the orange guy with the small hands who bankrupts nearly every business he touches, will become PRESIDENT of the most powerful nation on Earth this November, and folks, the way 2016 sucks and the world’s luck has been bad; It’ll happen.

13% of US voters have claimed they’d prefer a giant meteor to impact the planet rather than see either Clinton or Trump get the White House, unfortunately the odds of that actually happening are around 1 in 1,600,000 and Bet365 don’t run a book on it. Of course 2016 sucks so bad that if you’re in the US gambling laws of common sense alone would stop Trump you may be wishing on a star. This year has been dire so far, a soul-sapping nightmare parade of catastrophes, and Trump? He’s just the cherry on top.

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