Touchbet and Pinnacle Sport in One Hand

Touchbet majority Pinnacle Sport shareholder

Magnus Hedman, Touchbet´s owner, is said to be the new majority shareholder of Pinnacle Sport .

According to gambling news, online gaming operator Pinnacle Sport announced a considerable portion of it’s sales being purchased in last August. Although the company did not identify the buyer, rumors guessing, spread fast.

The owner of Touchbet, Magnus Hedman, was recently exposed as the mysterious buyer by several sources. The major transaction happened under the supervision of the Alternative Trading Partners (ATP), however it was lead by Thomas Brunet and Kyle Carlston, managing partners of the firm.

Pinnacle Sport might not be the only one taken over by Hedman

Brunet and Carlston described a man like Hedman as the perfect fit to maintain the company´s good name in the market. According to the two managing partners the key to success is their continuously developed trading system.

Word is out that Hedman might be taking over another one of the UK´s online sportbooks. Private equity group Hg Capital confirmed having sold it´s operator to an undisclosed buyer. Official confirmations have not been made on the buyers identity yet.

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