Trump Impeachment Odds Predict Calm Term for the Current US President

US Presidents getting caught lying – never a good reference, but what’s the impact on the Trump impeachment odds?

Donald Trump Angry
“You shall not impeach me!”

Trump impeachment odds have been circling around ever since the guest star of the movie Home Alone 2 became the President of the most powerful country on Earth.

Online sportsbook news sites in the US started commenting about the possible Trump impeachment odds the moment he won the election. Obviously, Donald Trump’s personality has always been a controversial topic, but there has been no real chance for Trump to be impeached. Up until now. Or is that so?

Lying is bad, mmkay?

Donald Trump was caught lying. Okay, that’s not something that hasn’t happened before. In fact, it happened on quite a lot of occasions even if we only look at his less than two years of Presidency. However, this time is a bit more serious and could actually cost his seat in the White House, but let’s not rush into that so quickly!

Trump has been summoned by the Attorney General as he was accused of wrongdoing with campaign finances. Donald’s best friend Michael Cohen was responsible for handling Trump’s scandals with women during the elections in 2016. He did, by buying the silence of all those women who were in touch with the President candidate at the time.

Michael Cohen paid $150,000 to playmate Karen McDougal so that she never comes out with her story about Donald Trump. They did the same with pornstar Stephanie Clifford, also known as Stormy Daniels. Her silence cost $130,000. Cohen bought the rights to publish these stories only to never actually publish them.

Is there evidence that Donald Trump lied?

Meanwhile, Trump stated that he knew nothing about any of these accusations. Trump’s spokespersons claimed that they had nothing to do with any payments and they denied all charges – that was 7 March. One month later, Trump’s lawyers admitted they paid $130,000, of which “they didn’t know anything” just a month ago.

As of 24 July, all was crystal clear as a Cohen – Trump conversation was leaked. That’s where they commented on the $150,000 deal to silence the playmate. Not so long ago, Trump denied that the story even existed, but he was caught lying, with firm evidence. Even less could be enough to get a US President impeached…

Donald Trump and the Republicans have the majority in both houses…

As of today, Trump impeachment odds are pretty optimistic regarding the future of the current US President. Not without a reason: Donald Trump and the Republican Party holds the majority in both houses. And it is not a very likely event that the Republicans would impeach their very own president.

However, it could all change in a split second. If the Republicans lose the majority of the seats in both the Senate and the Congress, it would become much more likely for them to initiate the impeachment of the President of the United States of America. And the Republicans can actually lose their majority in both houses…

…but midterm elections are coming this November…

The people of the United States of America are facing elections again later on this year, and that could change everything. Like all elections of course. The timing is just perfect for the Democrats: this would be the perfect time to take back their majority in the Congress and the Senate and impeach the Republican president.

2018 Midterm Election Expectations Economist
The Economist expects the Republicans to win…

The midterm elections are held on 6 November, and you can of course bet on each state’s winning party. To do so, you should join 1xBET Sportsbook. If the Democrats can build an agenda around Donald Trump’s lies and talk about a possible impeachment, they could easily become the most popular party in the country once again. The question is if they are potent enough for such rethorics?

Former US President impeached…

Not too many US Presidents have been impeached up until today. In fact, it’s only two: Andrew Johnson in 1868, and Bill Clinton in 1998. The latter one is quite an entertaining story. Clinton was impeached for “Obstruction of justice” as he clearly stated that he did not engage in sexual activities with Monica Lewinsky, but it turned out that indeed he did engage in sexual activities with Monica Lewinsky.

Do you think Donald Trump will join this glorious list of impeached US Presidents any time soon? Trump impeachment odds suggest he might. For example, you bet join 1xBET Sportsbook and bet on Trump to be impeached in his first term as US President. The odds are 2.50. If you want to be more precise than that, you can predict the exact year when President Trump will be impeached.

For that, the most likely pick is 2019. However, it all depends on the midterm elections. If Democrats take over the Congress AND the Senate as well, Trump might end up being impeached ASAP. Trump impeachment odds in 2018 are 6.00, while those for 2019 and 2020 are 3.92 and 21.00 respectively.

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