The Turner Prize 2019 Winner Predictions Favour the Colombian Painter Oscar Murillo to Win

  • Lawrence Bau Hamdan was nominated for works recreating prisons in Syria
  • Tai Shani’s work creates bizarre and erotic scenes in fantasy world
  • Helen Cammock won 2018 Max Mara Prize for Women
  • Oscar Murillo is the most established artist on the list
Turner Prize 2019 Winner Predictions
Bookies argue that Oscar Murillo is the favorite to win

The four-artist shortlist has been announced for the British art’s highest accolade, the Turner Prize 2019. The winner will be chosen at a ceremony on December 3. Bookmakers predict Turner Prize 2019 winner will likely be the Colombian painter Oscar Murillo.

The four nominees are the Jordanian Lawrence Abu Hamdan, London-based Tai Shani and Helen Cammock, and the Colombian Oscar Murillo. Their artworks tackle issues like oppression and civil rights. Before announcing the winner on December 3, you can see all their artworks that will be displayed at a joint show in Margate from September 28 this year.

Online sportsbook sites in the UK expect the contest to be closely matched. However, the Colombian artist is the only painter and the most prominent name on the four-person shortlist. His approach is also less sophisticated than the other artists who use sound, installations, and performance. Therefore, the bookies favour Oscar Murillo in their Turner prize 2019 winner predictions. Yet, he will certainly face a strong challenge.

The Turner Prize 2019 Winner Predictions
Murillo in 2013

Lawrence Abu Hamdan uses earwitness of the oppressed

The Jordanian artist Lawrence Abu Hamdan was nominated for works that recreate a prison run by the Syrian government. His artwork brings back the memories of prisoners held in complete darkness. Abu Hamdan describes himself as an audio investigator, using ear witness of oppressed individuals. His work is a combination of film making, installations, and sound as an investigative tool.

If you get the chance to listen to his work, you will notice that his approach is one of the most sophisticated. Thus, the prize has a decent record in rewarding annoying and troubling artists such as Abu Hamdan. Therefore, he might win with 3/1 at 22BET Sportsbook.

Tai Shani’s work creates bizarre scenes in fantasy world

Tai Shani is a self taught contemporary artist based in London. She uses theatrical performances and installations in her art pieces. She tends to create bizarre and erotic scenes in fantasy worlds, which are beyond patriarchal limits. Online sportsbook news in the UK consider Shani as one of the strong contenders to win Turner prize with 5/2 odds.

Helen Cammock won Max Mara Prize 2018

The British artist Helen Cammock explores the role of women in marginalized communities. Her latest work is about women’s experience during the conflict in Northern Ireland. Interestingly, Cammock tends to unpack social history through film, photography and other texts. Last year She won Max Mara Prize for Women. She might win another prize this year. However, with such close contest,  It is hard to predict Turner Prize 2019 winner to be Cammock (5/2).

Oscar Murillo the most established nominee

The Colombian artist Oscar Murillo is the closest thing to a painter on the list of nominees. He is also the most well-known of the artists on the shortlist. One of his art pieces, contributing to his nomination records his father’s journey from his native Colombia to Britain. Will Murillo rescue this year’s prize from all those annoying artists who make us think too much? It is very likely with 2/1 odds, according to the Turner Prize 2019 winner predictions.

To see all the Turner prize 2019 winner predictions and odds, just check our review about 22BET Sportsbook.

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