Two Danes In A Fight You Can Bet On (And One Dane Who Wants One You Couldn’t)

Posted: July 29, 2015

Updated: July 29, 2015

With Rudy Markussen back from the dead Patrick Nielsen has something to prove, but before they get to go one on one there’s a little matter of another Nordic Fight Night to deal with

Whilst many who like to bet on sports in Denmark will still be smarting from the collision between Jakob Fuglsang and a motorcycle during the 18th stage of the Tour de France, there’s another collision shaping up in a far smaller arena than the 3,360 km road race. The major difference however is not that cycling and boxing a very different sports, but that the collision between Patrick Nielsen and Rudy Markussen is one they both want, unlike the cycling calamity.

Danish Punch Up In Offing

• Not Tour de France related
• Sauerland is at it again
• Nordic Fight Night: Sept. 12th

Admittedly it wasn’t all the motorcycle rider’s fault. Fuglsang, having grown bored with his team not taking their turn setting the pace at the front, did veer quite violently across the road to make his point, and was promptly clipped by the motorcycle for his efforts which was all very reminiscent of the famed Nicki Sorensen getting knocked off and dragged down the road by a motorcyclist just four years ago in the Alps. The motorcyclist in this case was instantly thrown off the tour.

This is how it happened..

This was quite fortunate because Fuglsang was rather unhappy about the whole experience as he made abundantly clear. “I got driven down by the motorbike from behind. It’s scandalous.” He said. “I was in the front, pulling out to change with Bardet, and the motorcycle came from behind, hit my handlebars and took me down.” He then added, quite bitterly, “He can be happy he’s not close to me now, that motorcycle driver.” Which seemed to indicate a threat of fisticuffs, something best saved for the ring.

War Of Words Ahead Of Big Bout

Danish gambling laws have liberalized quite a bit in the last few years but even they aren’t going to facilitate anyone gambling on a punch-up between a Danish cyclist and the motorcyclist who hit him during the Tour de France, ComeOn! Sportsbook that might offer odds on just about everything, from politics to football, but even they aren’t going to assist betting on a road-rage brawl. Well…not yet anyway. However you will be able to get odds on Markussen and Nielsen in the ring when it happens.

Naturally there’s a way to go yet before the two meet, but it’s a bout that’s been brewing ever since Patrick moved up to super middleweight and has had Danish fight fans slavering at the possibility. Described as “bitter rivals”, because the words “Blood feud” have such a bad connotation these days, the two have been needling each other for quite some time now in the sort of tit-for-tat brag-&-insult back and forth common in a sport run by boxing promoters.

This perhaps reached some zenith when Markussen, with an overt zealotry that will see him in good stead when he returns to the ring, gate-crashed a pre-fight press conference Nielsen was giving. Now naturally it can be assumed that some of this is just the machinations of a publicity department gone mad, boxing has always had an element of theatre about it (Right, Don King?), but there is honest loathing behind it from the two men. Not that they’ll admit it.

A-Side, B-Side, Ring-Side

Nielsen Markussen press conference

It sort of kicked off at the press conference, too

The two will be sharing the bill in the next of Nisse Suerland’s Nordic Fight Nights in September as they take on opposition from overseas, but it’ll be the terms for their fight against each other fans will be gambling news coverage will feature in the days before then. For now both men are happy to throw mild disparagement at each other in the press and give apt quotes on their upcoming chances in Arena Nord in Frederikshavn.

“Every fight is a must win fight for me now, and this is no exception. I had a short break after my last fight,” said Nielsen whose previous fight was so one sided it could have been a mugging, “but now I’m back in the gym and the serious work can begin. I’m not worried about Rudy Markussen. After I win in Frederikshavn Rudy can get it next!” Which is the sort of sentiment you’d expect and added to the “He’s fighting on my undercard! I’m the A-side and he’s a has been.” comments he couldn’t resist.

“It feels great to be back,” said Markussen (who really wasn’t going to say anything else) “I can’t wait to brush off the cobwebs and remind everybody of what I can do. A lot of people have written me off – they say I’m too old and that I’ve been out of the ring too long, but I’m ready to prove them wrong. A fight with Patrick gives me all the motivation I need!” For the time being however the old war horse will have to wait to do anything more than be a warm up for Nielsen on September 12th

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