Serbian Lotto Involved in a Scam?


Posted: July 29, 2015

Updated: October 6, 2017

Serbian lotto players were left rather suspicious of the draw, after last night’s numbers were incorrectly reported to the public.

The Serbian State Lottery (Drzavna Lutrija Srbije) holds draws on a regular basis, which sees lucky winners at times walk away with great prizes. However, last night’s draw involved clear irregularity by the State Lottery. This has immediately led to reports that the whole draw was in fact rigged, according to gambling news.

The first three numbers that appeared were 4, 33 and 12 respectively, however the fourth number was responsible for the widespread scam claims. Serbian lotto aired the draw on live television in the country, so online betting players could immediately spot the shady actions. The fourth lotto ball clearly indicated the number 27, but when showcased on the screen it displayed 21..

Serbian lotto draw reports the wrong numbers

Almost immediately after the show’s hostess said “the number drawn is 27”, the screen indicated the number 21 instead – which was then instantly followed by the number 27 as the fifth number. The hostess did not signal the number 21 at that exact time, which only reaffirms that something went wrong in the process, mobile betting site report.

What is even more strange is that at this point there were five numbers appearing on the screen already. However that is when the hostess stated, “It’s time for our fifth lotto number” – indicating that viewers should prepare for the next number. Once the fifth lotto ball appeared, it was in fact the number 21 – the number that was already present on the screen as the fourth number. During this time, she voiced that there were “technical difficulties” and stood there for a few seconds in silence – which created a rather awkward and shady situation.

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