Two-Faced USA Try to Weaken their Stance on Online Gambling

The USA cannot decide whether or not sports betting is prohibited, according to the latest reports

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In a week that saw the United States get tough on four Canadians who it accused of illegal sports gambling and money laundering, the country seems to have backtracked once again on its stance regarding online gambling, United States gambling news reports.

Ever since December, when the US Justice Department let their opinion known that under the 1961 Federal Wire Act, only sports betting should be prohibited; the US has been thrown in chaos regarding the American gambling laws.

Many states are now taking it upon themselves to draft their own state laws regarding gambling, with online gambling specifically being a major talking point.

It is widely felt, according to rumors across the US gambling scene, that the Justice Department’s stance on prohibiting only sports betting, will effectively clear the path for the legalization of online poker, and a range of other online casino games.

Nevada based gaming consultant Ken Adams, is in agreement with this viewpoint, stating that by believing so, all other forms of gambling and gaming would technically be considered legal.

Nevada itself has taken measures to allow online gambling for its residents, as well as those who are from other states where online gambling will be legally recognized. A Whittler Law School professor and gambling industry consultant, I. Nelson Rose, also feels as though that in time, states who legitimize online gambling may find a way to achieve across state gambling, after legalizing online poker sites in United States.

“State legislators and governors are desperate to find ways to raise revenue without raising taxes. Gambling is seen as a painless tax, so every state is looking into expanding legal gaming. They can now do so. The only exception is sports betting, which cannot be introduced into a state that does not already have it, due to a different federal statute,” commented I. Nelson Rose.

At present the future surrounding online gambling looks cloudy, with several states still uncertain over how to act, regarding passing bills concerning online gambling. It is felt that there is still time for Congress to clearly define what is legal and what is illegal, or possibly to amend the Federal Wire Act to clear up the issue and confusion.

At present, only gambling on horses is considered legal in the United States, with all online sportsbooks in United States currently banned. Though yet another u-turn by the United States on whether or not online poker and online casinos could be green-lit, it is unlikely that Americans will be placed bets on football or baseball games in the foreseeable future.

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