Two Options Less for Iker Casillas

Real Madrid goalkeeper on the ground

The teams of Arsenal and Paris Saint-Germain decided not to wait for the captain of Real Madrid.

For any fan of Real Madrid, Iker Casillas is considered to be the icon of the “kings”. He was the main driving force behind the successful conquerors of the European throne in the seasons 1999–2000, 2001–02, 2013–14. He was one of the main protagonists for 6 champions titles in Primera Division in the seasons: 2000–01, 2002–03, 2006–07, 2007–08, 2011–12. He leaded the club towards the win of the UEFA Super Cup in 2002 and 2014 and the FIFA Club World Cup in 2014, report gambling news.

• The future of Casillas uncertain
• Arsenal signed Cech
• PSG showing interest for Lloris

However after the injury in 2013 the form of Casillas is in considerable fall. In the past two seasons he was mainly a substitution in the domestic league and played only in the Champions League, as it was agreed with Ancelotti. With Rafa Benitez on the bench however things might be a bit different. The current speculations about the coming of De Gea in the Spanish capital make the future of Casillas even more uncertain.

Arsenal and PSG changed their mind

Real Madrid goalie

For an experienced goalkeeper at a good age Casillas has a lot of difficulty finding a new team

While the relation between the captain of Real Madrid and the club is still somehow “undefined“, the clubs that have made an effort in the past to bring the goalkeeper in their squads decided not to wait anymore. Seeing that things are extending too long between Casillas and Real, they decided to sign other goalkeepers. This is the case with Arsenal and Paris Saint-Germain (PSG), two of the clubs that have been on the wish list of Iker Casillas if he decided to depart from Madrid.

Arsenal presented yesterday Peter Cech, for whom it payed around EUR 14 million, according to the news on the online sportsbooks in the UK. The former goalkeeper of Chelsea will be the first choice of Arsene Wenger for the following season. This closes the door for the transfer of the Spanish captain for whom they showed an interest in the past few months. The English club was also one of the clubs that fulfilled all the requirements from Casillas side in case of leaving Madrid. A good option for him now seems to be closed.

But Casillas can also not count on another club that wanted to see him in its squad him, the Paris Saint-Germain. They still haven’t brought reinforcement on the position between the posts but have weaken their interest in Casillas and decided rather to go for Hugo Lloris. The goalkeeper of Tottenham is the first choice of the “millionaires“ now and according to the online gambling sites in France the signing of a contract for the actual French champion is just a matter of time.

These movements on the transfer market make the situation of Iker Casillas more complicated. Only Tottenham and Roma are now viable alternatives for him if we exclude some of the other options such as the offers that come from Turkish Fenerbahce and some other members of Primera Division. On the other side if an agreement is reached between Casillas and Real Madrid, then this would drastically complicate the arrival of David De Gea from Manchester United to the Spanish team.

Benitez doesn’t give opportunities to the second goalkeepers

Real Madrid goalkeeper

He captained a world and European champion nation, and Champions league winning team, why is the demand so low for him?

On the other side, with Rafael Benitez as a coach the decision about the first goalkeeper in the team will be brought during the pre-season. His past seasons as coach show that once the competition is started he always keeps with his first choice until the end of the season. He shows his full confidence in the starter and is not someone who is willing to do experiments on this position during the season. It is plausible to expect that in both, the Champions League and “la Liga” Real Madrid will start with one and the same goalkeeper.

If Benitez stays loyal to his football-“philosophy“ then it will be difficult to see any surprises on the goalkeeper position in the following year. The formula of Ancelotti, that was copied this year by Simeone and Luis Enrique, to give the domestic league to one goalkeeper and the Champions League to another one is definitely not going to be applied. In the case of Iker Casillas this means that if he decides to stay on Santiago Bernabeu and David De Gea comes in the team it will be very difficult to see him on the courts in the following season, report gambling news.

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