UEFA Nations League Explained: Who Will Qualify from UEFA’s New Tournament?

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–Find UEFA Nations League explained here, so that you will know what that drawing meant a few days ago, and what to expect from the new tournament!

As most of those who constantly follow online sportsbook news sites in the UK must be aware, the drawing for the UEFA Nations League group stages has been held only a few days ago – on 24 January, precisely. But what is this tournament all about, what will be the purpose of it, which nations will benefit from such a tournament? These are the questions we will try to investigate, here is where you can find UEFA Nations League explained briefly!

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UEFA Nations League explained: What is Nations League?

The news of the group stages went quite popular in the mainstream media, but many remain ignorant about UEFA Nations League. Many don’t even know how this tournament will be organized and who will participate. The latter one is quite easy to answer: every single European national team will participate in UEFA Nations League. But how?

All teams are divided into four divisions: A, B, C and D, based on their UEFA rankings – Division A contains the strongest, while D, the weakest teams in Europe. Each division is divided into four groups, and the group winners are going to participate in a Playoff system – only one leg for the semi finals.

Also, those who finish last in the group, will relegate to the lower division for the next ‘season’. Obviously, we shouldn’t count Division D teams in this. And those who win their group will promote to the one above, all except for Division A, obviously.

Who will win UEFA Nations League?

According to the UEFA Nations League betting odds at online sportsbook sites in the UK, the biggest favourites to win UEFA Nations League are Spain and Germany. Their odds are 9/2 at BetVictor Sportsbook. Belgium, France and England are likely candidates according to the bookies, with their 5/1; 5/1 and 8/1 respective odds.

UEFA Nations League winner will be one of the Division A teams for sure. As mentioned up above, each group winner will participate in a semi-final. Division A semi-finalists will be the ones participating for the trophy. Whoever wins their semi-finals as well as their finals from Division A, will be the winner of UEFA Nations League.

What teams benefit from UEFA Nations League?

Teams participating in Division D, for sure. One of them will surely get a place – the winner of Division D will be an automatic qualifier for 2020 European Championship. Teams in Division D are the following: Andorra, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Faroe Islands, Georgia, Gibraltar, Kazakhstan, Kosovo, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Macedonia, Malta, Moldova, San Marino.

One of them will surely be participating at Euro 2020. Division B teams are also probably benefiting from this system. As Division A teams are likely to qualify clearly, the traditional way. Afterwards, their playoff spots will be given to lower teams who have not yet qualified. So, this way, UEFA Nations League provides a way to fill up Euro 2020 spots.

That is pretty much UEFA Nations League explained. Do you have any other questions left in you? Are you still interested in the best Nations League offers in the online sportsbook directory? We’ll keep you posted! Till then, feel free to leave a comment if you have any questions you’d like to find out!

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