UK Gambling Achieved GBP 7.1bn in a 12 Month Period.

UK National Lottery's revenue increases

Gambling in the UK triggers huge success as the industry experiences great financial earnings during October 2013 and September 2014.

According to reports provided by mobile betting industry, the British gambling industry gained a total of more than GBP 7.1bn in gross gambling revenue between the period of October 2013 and September 2014. The UK Gambling Commission published these figures, which represents an overview of the market.

The full amount accounted for a 5% increase, which amounts to GBP 327m between the duration of April 2013 and March 2014. Furthermore the governing body added that the non-remote betting division provided for 47% of the revenue. Marketing in the UK’s National Lottery escalated from a total of GBP 6.75bn to GBP 6.9bn.

Employee turnover plays a role

Most of the growth stemmed up from far-flung betting, casinos, and bingo sectors, which was up by more than 19% to GBP 213m. Non-remote casino revenues jumped by GBP 43m, which is about a 4% increase. Other big lottery divisions also saw a huge growth as the sectors increased by 10% which adds up to GBP 29m. Also the non-remote betting division witnessed a growth of GBP 57m, signifying a 2% increase.

New reports also portrayed that the yield for B2 machines in betting shops was more than GBP 1.6bn. This is an increase just below GBP 45m (3%) compared to the previous figures in the numbers of B2 machines of 344 units (1%). According to gambling news, 95,577 people were transversely hired in the industry, which shows a decrease of 2% (2,426) from the previous report.

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