UK Government May Allow Wales to Ban FOBT’s

Wales gambling laws 2016

News has recently been broken that the UK government may soon allow Wales to ban FOBT’s inside of their borders.

Fixed Odds Betting Terminals, or FOBT’s, are a highly popular form of gambling throughout the UK, but over the past few years many lawmakers have been actively trying to have them banned. FOBT’s have been described as the “crack cocaine” of gambling due their cheap yet addictive game play.

Now, UK gambling news has been broken that members of the UK government may soon grant Wales the power to ban FOBT’s inside of their borders. Wales in particular has been critical of this new form of gambling, and has called for the maximum stake per spin to be cut from £100 to just £2.

Can Wales legally ban FOBT’s?

Technically, all UK gambling laws are under the jurisdiction of Westminster, although the government has already allowed Scotland the power to set their own laws regarding high-stakes gambling machines. Wales is now looking for that same power.

At this point it seems likely that the UK will devolve power that allows Wales to ban FOBT’s. Most experts agree this form of gambling is slowly becoming an issue inside the UK, and it may not be long before the entire kingdom sets a ban. So what other gambling options do UK gamblers have?

There are a number of great substitutes for FOBT’s. Most online sportsbooks in the UK offer betting lines for a wide range of both sports and novelty bets. There is also an abundance of online casinos that UK can legally access, most of which offer many different games including roulette, blackjack, and online slots. Another option is to take a vacation and gamble at a casino in Thailand!

Will the UK allow Wales to ban FOBT’s? How will this affect the gambling industry in the UK? Tell us what you think by leaving a comment below!

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