Unexpectedly Winning The Lottery May Prove Chaos Theory

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Winning The Lottery

So, winning the lottery is, at the best of times, a little unexpected. No one believes themselves guaranteed to win. We all know the math behind the games we play. That’s why, quite often, winners of some of the most progressive jackpot lotteries are those who have played reluctantly. Or, perhaps, out of sheer whimsy. Maybe they passed by Lotto Agent and thought to give it a go, maybe they just ran out of gas. Tiny things that lead to big results seem to suggest chaos theory is real. 

So, chaos Theory would have us believe that if a butterfly flaps its wings in China there are tornados in America. Even the smallest of occurrences, it maintains, will cause other, possibly larger, results down the line. The universe in which we live, its proponents insist, is not predictable. The patterns of choice and action are too complex, too interwoven. History is replete with examples of this. Minor instances having a huge effect on future events. Like winning the lottery does for many people.

The French Revolution hinged on someone forgetting their keys. Gabriel Princip only assassinated Arch Duke Ferdinand because of a lost driver. The Bay of Pigs was a catastrophe because of unsynchronized watches. Tiny things with a huge effect not just on those present but the entire world. It’s entirely similar for anyone winning the lottery. They could, even the very best lotto jackpot reviews will agree, go on to effect the lives of numerous other people. 

Little Things Lead To Massive Results

Today it’s an impulse entry at Lotto Agent, tomorrow the financing of a political career perhaps. Winning the lottery would thus not just change your life but those of many around you. You might even afford your own mercenary army to sweep you to power in a coup if you like. Who knows? So, it’s amusing to think something as benign as a low fuel gauge can lead to such widespread possibilities. However, for Allen Boger, winning the lottery was just like that.

“It took a couple of twists of fate for this to happen.” 

  • Allen Boger – $10m Winner

He stopped for gas on his way to buy a particular lottery scratch card from his preferred Denver retailer. Having stopped, he asked if the gas station sold those cards too. It didn’t. However, it did have other similar cards so Allen bought one. He won $10,000,000. That’s great for him, and interesting for the rest of us. The level in your fuel tank can lead to winning the lottery? Apparently, the best lottery to play is one you had no real intention of playing in the first place.

Winning The Lottery
Let’s pick one to win one – Image source: Flickr

Lotto Agent Can Help With Your Winning The Lottery

This is distinctly counterintuitive. However as with the coincidences of history we none of us can know what effects our actions may have later. So it may seem inconsequential to you at the moment but chain of events leading to winning the lottery appear unfathomable. Anything little thing could trigger a sequence of events that leads to your win. That’s why sites like Lotto Agent in these days of the information superhighway are so useful. Today’s momentary whim is tomorrow’s big win.

“I’ve been lucky my whole life.”

  • Allen Boger – $10m Winner

So naturally some of you will instantly spot that winning the lottery can also bring with it troubles and issues. For all the seemingly unheralded good fortune, poor luck exists in equal measure. The best lottery jackpots are ones that you enjoy, but not everyone does. Money doesn’t always buy you happiness. It just makes unhappiness easier to ignore. So, as you go about your daily life just remember to listen to the little whims, take advantage of the coincidences, because you just never know. It’s chaos. 

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We take a look at how small, seemingly unimportant, occurrences can lead to winning the lottery and maybe change the world.

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