Unlicensed Gambling Sites in the Czech Republic Remain Operational

Czech gambling sites

A large number of unlicensed online gambling sites in the Czech Republic are still operating despite regulations aimed to shut them down.

For many years, the Czech Republic allowed for unlicensed gambling sites to operate inside their borders. Czech gambling news broke at the end of last year that as of January 1st 2017, new regulations would be implemented that mandates all gambling sites in the country must obtain a license from the government.

In addition to this, Czech internet gambling sites must pay a 23% annual revenue tax for sports betting and lottery games, and 35% for online casino games. This was raised from 19%.

Not all gambling sites in the Czech Republic are following these new rules, and David Ondracka, director of the Czech arm of Transparency International, has stated that no action has yet been taken to prosecute more than 25 of the sites operating here illegally.

What Czech online gambling sites are available today?

While these new reports do not state which gambling sites have and have not followed the new regulations, a number of great options still exist for players. Whether it’s online casino gambling or betting on sports online, there’s something for everyone.

In terms of online sportsbooks in the Czech Republic, one of the best sites Czech players can access is NetBet Sportsbook. This site offers betting lines on all of the most popular Czech sports including football and ice hockey.

There’s no shortage of Czech internet casinos either. 32Red Casino has emerged over the past several years as one of the best online casinos running today. They offer hundreds of amazing games including online slots and live roulette.

Will these online gambling sites in the Czech Republic begin following this new set of regulations? How many will actually be prosecuted? Tell us what you think by leaving a comment below.

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