Time to Try Something New – Unusual Gambling Games!

  • 21 Duel Blackjack is a mix of two of your favorite games
  • You can play craps not with the dice only
unusual gambling games

Most of you know about the most popular and interesting gambling games, but how many of you heard about unusual gambling games? If you love discovering games that are far from the usual table games we all are used to, then, you are in the right place! The basic games are always good to go for, but trying something different is like a breath of fresh air sometimes.

Besides, online gambling sites in the US today are constantly introducing new and new games. There is a great variety of games to choose from. And some of them can be highly entertaining! You just need to give it a try. So, you do not have to come up with unique ideas to make your gambling experience more interesting. Online casinos are doing it all for you now. And, you can additionally find some attractive online gambling bonuses in the US to enjoy!  So, check the list of the unique gambling games that we prepared for you!

Unusual Gambling Games 21 Duel Blackjack

The first game in the unusual gambling games list is for Blackjack lovers. It’s just one of the Blackjack variations that is designed by Playtech.

So, what’s interesting about 21 Duel Blackjack?

The game mixes two of the most favorite online casino games – Texas Hold’em Poker with the Standart blackjack. Yet, as it’s one of the blackjack versions, you are still aiming for scoring the number closest to 21 without overreaching it. If you have a good Blackjack strategy to play, you can decrease the house edge to 2% only. Yet, your odds to win at standard Blackjack are still higher.

Here are some other things to know about 21 duel blackjack. In addition to the two cards you have, you will also have two community cards. That’s what the game borrowed from Texas Hold’em Poker. You can use as many community cards as you want to make your hand better. If you don’t want to use any, you are free to do so. Besides, you won’t get dealt with both cards face-up or face-down. One will be face-up and another face-down. Yes, like the hand of the dealer. And if you have a two-card hand with a score of 21 – you will have the best blackjack hand possible.

unusual gambling games
Let’s play!

You Might Have Heard About This Game Before

The next game is more popular among the Asian casino industry. It’s Sic Bo! Most of you might be familiar with this game. Even if you do not know how the Sic Bo rules, you probably or at least heard about it.

You play Sic Bo with three dice that the dealer picks for you. You can use many different combinations in this game which makes one of the unusual gambling games. Besides, the Sic Bo history is quite interesting, you can read it if you love the game! You can play Sic Bo at Intertops Casino, where you can also find many other entertaining games!

What Is the Greatest Thing About the Wheel of Fortune?

Though Big Wheel, also popular as Wheel of Fortune, is more popular in live casinos. Just as you enter the casino, you will instantly see at the entrance of many greatest Vegas casinos. Yet, for the lovers of this game, you can find Big Wheel online as well. One of the best things about Big Wheel is that you can spend $2 only and enjoy all odds. So, you don’t risk much.

Craps but Not With the Dice

What is interesting about card craps is that craps is actually a dice game. The concept is simple – the shooter throws the dice and you just on the possible results.

But card craps does – it uses cards that simulate the dice. In other words, you just substitute the dice with the cards. Yet, the fact that gamblers are used to play craps with dice makes card craps among unusual gambling games. Hence, instead of six-dice, you have two rows of six cards that the shooter shuffles and puts on the table. And in the phase of throwing the dice, the shooter calls the two numbers out. These numbers match the two-card rows the values of which reflect the throw’s value.

unusual gambling games
Dice or cards?

Unusual Gambling Games – Crown and Anchor

And the last but not least among unusual gambling games – crown and anchor. Royal Navy sailors were playing Crown and Anchor in the 18th century. Yet, the game is still preserved until today even though being less popular than other gambling games. There are three dice and the gamblers bet on the result of the game.

So, there are six symbols in the game, two of them as the game name says crown and anchor. And 4 remaining are – diamond, spade, club, heart. Players bet on these symbols, and if they want, they can pick several symbols to bet on.  For every matching dice, the dealer gives the money back to the player. But if they lose, they give it all to the house.

Crown and Anchor will remind you of some other old gambling games. You can find different versions of it both in Europe and Asian countries, including China and Vietnam.

You can discover more about Intertops Casino here.

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