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Posted: August 4, 2015

Updated: October 6, 2017

CBS SportsLine’s new aim is to base sports betting on a whole new, predictable, scientific level. Which means that punters are in luck.

If you enjoy a little mobile betting now and then, you’ll absolutely love what CBS brought back: their very own platform of endless information about sports, SportsLine. The main purpose of this site is to provide fans and members with a wealth of important analyses, expert opinions and predictions. They even have plenty of news articles on players and teams to give a little insider information on what is going down in their world. Using this huge pile of facts, a sports betting fan will be able to place bets while also increasing the odds of winning.

Jeffrey Gerttula, senior vice president and general manager of CBS Interactive’s sports properties, emphasized to Forbes the importance of knowing the background story in order to make educated bets: “we see an unmet demand for content that gets back to the core of what sports fans debate—what is going to happen between the lines and why.” He further clarified that “the site’s mission is serving up accurate predictive analysis, doing it from a variety of viewpoints and methodologies, and combining data with the why and how.” They use a data model to make predictions.

The CBS SportsLine Data Model is monitored constantly

Jeffrey Grattula CBS director

CBS strategist Jeff Grattula still sees a market niche in the online gaming market

Thanks to SportsLine, internet betting in the US just became easy as pie. According to Forbes, the data model was made my Stephen Oh, who is a known player in this field: he is the co-founder of AccuScore, so he knows exactly how to set up a system which will work on, as Forbes puts it, “game outcome and player performance predictions and stats.” To this, one may think, but it is only a machine… where’s the human touch? Well, it is there, believe me. There is a small army of data analysts who are working on the model day and night, seven days a week, to make sure that the information it is working with is completely up to date and accurate.

The data model doesn’t always get the last word, however. Gerttula told Forbes that there are plenty of instances of sports experts disagreeing with what the data model has to say. As Forbes reports, the experts are “equipped with their own methodologies and perspectives to weigh in on the predictions and analysis the system spits out.” Which is a good thing, in Gerttula’s opinion, because this way, members can profit from a vast array of viewpoints. It is actually what puts CBS SportsLine in the advantageous position over its competitors. This mash-up of human and strict analytic, statistic, digital data modelling gives a whole new support system for results and player stats.

Can the model be wrong at all?

CBS SportsLine

Fantasy sports players can access all the background data they need

Of course, there is no guarantee for anything, poker winners are well aware of that. But let’s just take a look at what SportsLine has at its disposal. According to Forbes, they have “more than 20 dedicated sports analysts and reporters […]The model runs 10,000 simulations on every game to come up with a projected score outcome, win probability and variance from what the market expects. SportsLine further breaks down individual player performance stats.” From this, it seems like the model-expert combo will seldom be wrong when it comes to placing bets on online sportsbooks in the US.

There is also a huge platform for Fantasy Sports players to live out all their desires. CBS has made special care to include fantasy sports on a daily basis. This site is a tool for all of those people who live and breathe sports and sports betting. It is also for those who are willing to pay the price for the valuable information at hand: a monthly membership costs 10 dollars, while a yearly one is priced at USD 100. To gain access to a large part of the site and the most important pieces of information, you have to be a member. But doesn’t the large amount of sheer knowledge seem worth a hundred bucks?

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