US Mobile App To Help Problem Gamblers Get Better

American university is developing a mobile application to assist problem gamblers and increase responsible gambling awareness

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Industry experts agree that problem gambling is a major obstacle in the way of American gambling laws update, which will eventually allow legal online gambling in USA. Lawmakers, industry figures and players agree that this problem needs to be taken seriously in order for legal online gambling to exist peacefully.

The University of Las Vegas together with Harvard Medical School is developing a mobile app, which will help increase responsible gambling awareness and assist problem gamblers in tackling their addiction. The executive director of International Gaming Institute, Bo Bernhard, is one of major contributors to the new application.

The app, codenamed Health-E Gambling, is scheduled to go live next spring and will be free of charge to everyone including members of upcoming online poker sites in United States.

Among other features, the app will direct gamers to the closest Gamblers Anonymous chapter, track how much time and funds players spend on gambling. Scientific indicators will tell the user if he is developing a gambling problem or not.

Bo Bernhard told United States gambling news: “You can track down to the millisecond all of your gambling activity. How long you’ve been playing. You can track all of the money that you’ve been spending. You can look at your ups and your downs. You can set limits.”

Bernhard opined that gamers usually either can’t or don’t want to remember their gambling activity and trends.

He said: “If we were to poll people at McCarran Airport about how they did when they were here in Las Vegas, they probably wouldn’t have a very strong recall or very precise recall. This app forces you to recall and to measure that.”

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