US Open Betting Guide – The Greatest Tennis Tournament Today


Posted: August 26, 2023

Updated: August 26, 2023

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This is our US Open betting guide. Discover the tournament details, event schedule, and categories (women’s, men’s, and mixed doubles). Learn about various betting options, including outright winner, match winner, props, parlay, and set bets. Get acquainted with odds formats: decimal, fractional, and American. 

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Today we are going to give you our general US Open betting guide. In this guide, we are going to introduce you to the essentials of betting on Tennis and its highly prestigious tournaments. Furthermore, we will give you some general information about the event, such as the schedule and the upcoming locations.

Of course, we will also provide you with some of the best online sportsbook sites in the US and a quick guide on how to place your first bet. If the categories confuse you, we will cover those as well. Finally, we will explain how the odds work, and the general mentality you have to use to place proper bets, closing with the streaming services

Introduction To The US Open Betting Guide

Let’s start with the basics. The US Open is a common word used by many different sports. However, this is commonly referred to as the US Open Tennis Championships. Held annually in Queens, New York. The best tennis players from the United States gather to prove themselves against the others. However, this event attracts much more than just the US tennis athletes. Because people from all over the world are ready to travel to the US to become a part of this event.

The event was founded in 1881 and ever since it’s been one of the greatest sports of all time. There are three main categories in which you can wager on this event:

  • Women’s singles
  • Men’s singles
  • Mixed doubles

According to the US Open, the qualifying day is August 24.

Where To Bet On The US Open?

Now that you know the general information about the event. Let’s first state that one of the best sites to visit for betting on such events is Bovada Sportsbook. Because they are always going to give you the best odds. This means that you shouldn’t worry about the general research if you are a member of their sites.

Of course, there are always alternatives. If you are new to sports betting. My greatest advice is to browse our dictionary. We have collected all legal, licensed, and trustworthy platforms. This means that our country selector is going to help you with the availability of your region. Are you new to this US Open betting guide? Check out the most interesting facts about the US Open.

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The Markets And Categories

To continue with the US Open betting guide, let’s talk about different categories. Because betting on the outright winner is not the only option for you. This means that it’s time for us to debunk every single category that you can find:

  • Outright Winner – Decide the outcome of the whole tournament.
  • Match winner(s)
  • Props – Very specific markets, like what color someone’s shirt will be
  • Parlay/Combination/Multi/Accumulator – Turn several bets into one big. All must be correct. That way you win more than you would with separate bets.
  • Hcap – Knowing a better player, the losing player could win rounds
  • Set Bets – Betting on the score, usually in an under/above format.

In conclusion, there are many different types of betting. And if you are new, I only recommend betting on props and outrights. Once you are a professional, you can start Parlay and Hcap bets.

About The Odds – US Open Betting Guide

Interested in how to bet on tennis like a pro? First start with understanding the general odds. Therefore, there are three main types of odds. Which goes as follows:

  • Decimal odds: The decimal odds are like ‘3.4” -> this is the amount of dollars you win with a $1 bet. Therefore, if you win 2.4 dollars you receive your $1 back.
  • Fractional odds: They look like ‘10/1’ -> On the left side, you see how much cash you win, and on the right you see how much you have to wager for it.
  • American odds: Looking like ‘+1500’ these will state how much you win if you bet $100. You don’t have to bet $100. But it’s the calculation. For example, +1500, wins $1600 if you stake $100. (receiving your $100 back if you win + the odds)

Most betting platforms allow you to switch between the different formats.

How To Avoid Bad Bets

As a part of this US Open betting guide, I want to highlight this crucial phenomenon. Let’s talk about bad bets and wrong wagering behavior. According to the Equalture Conservatism Bias is when you have a certain experience, and now you feel threatened, nervous, or unwelcoming to new information that might change your perception.

Let me give you a good example. Let’s say you have met a famous tennis player from Phoenix who won an event 6 years ago. You are convinced they will win. But in reality, their time is over and no longer relevant. But you still bet on this guy instead of the incredibly talented Cincinnati player. Avoid this mental cage.

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Where To Watch Or Stream?

Finally, we have reached the end of the US Open betting guide. Our last piece of information is the streaming services. According to Reddit, the events are always planned for Labor Day and this is when everyone visits. If you are a real tennis fan I recommend going to the earlier events. – Or you can always stream from home on the following mediums:

  • ESPN / ESPN2 / ESPN+
  • Roku
  • Fire TV
  • Apple TV

Furthermore, if you would like to place a bet on this event. Then I highly recommend you to register at one of the following platforms:

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