US Open Betting Odds Suggest Murray Should Defeat Anderson


Posted: September 7, 2015

Updated: October 6, 2017

US Open betting odds are quite obvious: both Wawrinka and Murray are clear favourites for their upcoming clashes.

Internet betting is a rather well paying activity which can make you grow rich. Out of all, tennis is one of the most popular games among sports betting enthusiasts. That is because there are relatively few surprises and punters can expect a certain income upon wagering on tennis.

That is why US Open betting is one of the most well-liked wagering market at online sportsbooks. The most prestigious tournaments always bring great spectacle towards online bookmakers, and this tournament is definitely one of them. Check out the US Open betting odds for the upcoming matches and place your bets on tennis to be able to win big!

US Open betting sites predict easy win for Wawrinka

Today Stan Wawrinka is going to face Donald Young. The Swiss player is clear favourite for the clash as Bet365 has set the odds for his success at 1.12 (3/25), while those for his American rival are 6.00 (5/1). These US Open betting odds suggest it would be better to place bets on Wawrinka, however his rival is ready to cause shocking surprise.

If someone feels like wagering for higher odds, several gambling markets can be found at Bet365 Sportsbook. The popular online bookmaker offers the possibility to place bets on the exact final result for example. Wawrinka winning easily by 3-0 is the most like one with its 1.72 (18/25) odds, but those who seek unpredictable results, can wager on Young winning by 3-0 for 17.00 (16/1) odds.

Anderson is unlikely to defeat Murray and qualify for US Open 2015 quarter-finals

After the game is over between Young and Wawrinka, one of

Place your bets here!

those participants will be in the quarter-finals, waiting for his rival. The winner of the match between Anderson and Murray will face the winner of the former match. The quarter-finals will bring a thrilling derby between Wawrinka and Murray, according to the predictions of US Open betting sites.

If you believe that internet betting are wrong and either Wawrinka or Murray will be knocked out, you can place your bets against these two. However, Murray is also regarded as clear favourite for his upcoming clash against the South African player. The odds for Murray’s triumph are 1.12 (3/25), while those for Anderson are 6.00 (5/1).

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