These Are The Bleakest Places – US States Without Lottery

  • Last year Mississippi officially legalized the lottery
  • Alabama is NOT a sweet home for this game
  • In Nevada, casinos are pushing out the lottery
  • Some states where all form of gambling is banned
US States Without Lottery

Have you read our article about the most ridiculous gambling laws? We mentioned several unnecessary rules there, but these state laws about lotto will blow your mind! Did you know that in 2020 there are still US States without lottery? Even if it is so hard to imagine, it is true. Although, if we think about it better, it is not impossible as in some states, like Illinois, land-based casinos are still banned! But this article is not about the weirdest places to play offline casino games. We gathered you some states in the US, where the lottery is still illegal – God knows why! If you are curious about these absurd rules, keep on reading!

Which US States Do Not Have a Lottery?

As you may know, the states are absolutely independent regarding many things, such as gambling. Each state has its own lotto organization, so there is no national lotto company in the US. However, some of the most popular lottery games are multi-state ones. So the states join efforts to organize and create the incredible jackpots!

US States Without Lottery
Sorry, where can I play the lottery?

What a cohesive staple! While some states are working to forge closer ties with each other, others are distancing themselves from America’s most popular leisure activity. Shame! So the states are:

  • Alabama
  • Utah
  • Hawaii
  • Nevada
  • Alaska

Last year Mississippi has officially legalized the game. Furthermore, this year Alaska’s government introduced legislation proposing the establishment of an Alaska Lottery Corporation. Let’s see the five US states without a lottery!

Sweet Home Alabama And The State of Utah

Among the states that do not have lotteries, Utah and Alabama cite religious objections. It is known that the current governor of Alabama is Republican, so the state is conservative. Maybe that is why they are against the lottery. However, last year the Alabama Senate passed the lottery, but it failed in the House.

Furthermore, Utah’s constitution bans all forms of gambling. So, unfortunately, it is highly unlikely the state will see any change concerning the lottery. But miracles can happen, right?

In any case, as long as lottos are banned in these states, you can still travel around the USA and look for some interesting lottery offers on the Bovada Casino site!

Hawaii and Alaska are Still Among the Five US States Without Lottery

Hawaii and Alaska being outside the contiguous United States, have not felt the pressure of losing sales to competitors. The islands’ lawmakers have proposed the lottery before. But it always seems to fall through. Hawaii seems to think that lotto benefits would not exceed its costs, and maybe they are right. According to reports, studies on the lottery and its effects in Hawaii are not planned to happen anytime soon.

US States Without Lottery
Certainly not here.

On the other hand, we need to state that Alaska is a huge but sparsely populated state. So the situation is quite similar to Hawaii. There is high concern that the lotto would not pay off, so no chance to vote for it so far. There was some buzz around the idea, but it has never made its way to the ballot. Also, they are afraid that the lotto would have a negative effect on some nonprofits who are supporting regulate charitable gambling.

Nevada – The Seriously Gambling-Friendly State

Have you ever wondered why there is no lotto in Nevada? This is probably the easiest state to address because of Las Vegas, which is a gambling paradise. The question is easier than we think – casinos do not want any competition. The city and the whole state is a citadel of casinos, so people have no need for the lottery. The gambling activities are so powerful that it is really easy to keep a non-lottery state in the US.

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Some Fun Facts About the US States and Lottery

It is obvious that states without lottery also do not offer any opportunity to play Powerball or Mega Millions. However, the rest 45 states that have the lottery actually sell both Powerball and Mega Millions tickets. So the states are not only against the lottery but every possible form of the game.

But what about online gambling and lotteries? According to the laws, online lotteries are banned in Alabama, Hawaii, Alaska, and Utah. By the way, in Utah and Hawaii any form of gambling is banned, so the charitable, the lotteries, the commercial, and even the sports betting and online gambling. So what are people doing there?

US States Without Lottery
Meh, not here either.

But people have always been creative, so Americans surely have already found loopholes in these rules! Nevertheless, breaking the law is not the best solution and can cause serious problems. If you want to try lotteries and for example, you are living in Utah, just visit to Colorado where you can buy as many tickets as you want!

Or you can travel to New Jersey where all form of gambling is legal, including online gambling! So visit the online gambling sites in the USA, pick your favorite one and pack your suitcase!

Over time, more and more states join the ranks of lottery games. Although, some of the rest have a good reason to stay away from this activity. Will the USA ever be a lottery paradise? Imagine a country where all states come together to provide the greatest prizes to citizens. There is no competition between states but they support each other. Instead of pushing out, they cooperate. Lottery Paradise. Worldpeace.

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