Would you Stick to These Ridiculous Gambling Laws?


Posted: May 19, 2020

Updated: June 17, 2020

  • Some ridiculous gambling laws went too far
  • Poker games twisted in lingeries
  • What is legal in a country, it can be illegal in another.
  • Gambling in the sanctuary of the reading rooms

Each country has its own laws about gambling. These laws are always trying to bring some balance and computability to the lives of the citizens. However, it is always recommended to check the current country’s laws before you play anything in a casino or online. But some of these rules went too far. If you want to laugh at the most ridiculous gambling laws, you must read this article!

UIGEA – The Most Ridiculous Gambling Law

There is no doubt that the number one in the most ridiculous gambling laws is the UIGEA. This is an acronym, which means the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act. This rule forces banks and financial institutions to block transactions to companies that offer gamblers a chance to take part in “illegal Internet gambling”. The only problem is they never clarified what is, or what is not legal. Moreover, it created loopholes for the horse racing industry, thus creating winners and losers in the gambling industry. This law did not do anything to stop people from engaging in illegal activities.

One of the Most Ridiculous Gambling Laws is Against Nudity!

When we say Oklahoma, a lot of things come to mind. Many state symbols – for example, honey bee, mistletoe, Will Rogers. However, there are ridiculous gambling laws as well. Imagine, there is a law about naked female gamblers! Namely, if you live in Oklahoma as a woman, you cannot place a bet while you are nude, wearing a towel or a lingerie. How many can go to casinos with towels on their heads? I do not think many people, either…

As it is well known, in most states online gambling is forbidden, however, we hope that they do not monitor what women wear at home while placing a bet! Whatever, the saying is true. You will not yet be a criminal for committing a crime! However, if you are interested in some Iconic Organized Gambling Greats, you should read this article!

You Can Go to Jail for 0.5 Cents According to this Ridiculous Gambling Law!

Oklahoma is not the only American state where ridiculous gambling laws are made. If you decide to bet money (more than 0.5 cents) in a café, restaurant, or shop in Ohio, local authorities will sentence you to jail with your partner.

You should not forget the motto of the state: With God all things are possible! So, if you are Searching for a Gambling God, this article is for you!

Clothes or 5$? Train Conductors in the USA!

New Hampshire banned to pay for casino bets with clothes. Not knowing how many times this had to happen, but it is quite hilarious. Furthermore, the lottery is the only legal form of gambling in the state, and the agency has chosen to administer sports betting rather than operate it in-house.

Secondly, you can find ridiculous gambling laws in Kentucky as well. In the state you can lose $4 without any consequences however, the situation is different in case of $5. If you are losing $5, it enables you to sue your gambling partner in the next five years. You can call it compensation for the loss. Moreover, if the loser does not initiate legal proceedings in 6 months, anyone else has the right to file a lawsuit against the winner. They might collect three times the amount of the original wager.

Ridiculous gambling laws
In the US, each State has its own silly laws – Image source: Flickr

In 2018, the state of Kentucky actually exercised this law, when it sued an online poker company for millions of dollars. It was an attempt to recover the illegal gambling losses for the citizens. However, Kentucky is not a person under the law, so the state could not sue the company legally.

We already mentioned ridiculous gambling laws in Oklahoma, here is another. Train conductors must break up any gambling games aboard. They are legally bound to do these games, otherwise, they breach their employment contract.

Finally, lawmakers expelled poker from Texas. You cannot have or operate a poker room in the state however, you can play bingo and buy as many lotteries as you want.

Canada Has Only Necessary Gambling Laws?

Canada acts like a modern country that takes care of its inhabitants and fans of virtual gambling. However, we can find some ridiculous gambling laws if we are attentive enough! According to a law, you cannot get the winnings for a horse racing bet. First, you need to solve a complex math problem. In this case, you can prove that you won thanks to the strategy and mathematical algorithms. Canadian players do not really believe in luck, but sometimes there are no logical explanations or algorithms for a victory. If you were wondering about skill vs luck, we know Which Game Should You Play!

Forbidden Friendly Poker Games in the Library

In the UK, according to the Library Offenses Act of 1898, it is illegal to gamble in libraries. Although, we do not know who would be hosting a poker tournament in a city library. Furthermore, the law also prohibits obscene language, so playing on the Intertops casino site is likely to be excluded from the athenaeums.  But not from homes!

Due to these ridiculous gambling laws, there should be consequences for anyone who behaves in a disorderly manner. But what about a friendly poker game or a silent bingo? Anyway, this law is understandable. No one wants to disturb the spiritual peace of the reading audience.

As you can see, you can find ridiculous gambling laws all over the globe! However, there is always a legal way to discover some online casino sites in the US!

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