Searching For A Gambling God To The Far Off East

  • Seeking Enlightenment In The Orient Is Nothing New
  • A Gambling God Might Be Useful When On Bet365
  • A Defeater Of Dragon Kings And A Spiteful Goddess
Gambling God

Our continuing mission to find a gambling god worth worshipping moves on further east. The beliefs of India and China are ancient and mysterious so one could well be home to the deity we need. With rather different cultures, both these ancient civilizations have their own spin on a god of gambling. So we’ll take a look at both. Just to see which, if either of them, might provide divine assistance the next time we put a bet on sports in China at Bet365. You never know. 

We are not the first to search for spiritual enrichment in India. It’s a trope all of its own, bolstered by tales of the Beatles, gurus and the like. Even these days, gap year students litter the place looking for themselves. However, our efforts should be a little more productive as the Indians have a marvelous selection of gods. Their rich mythology includes deities of all varieties. Usefully, among them is Lakshmi who could suit our purposes as a gambling god quite well.

She is the Hindu goddess of fortune, wealth and prosperity. This is a good indication since when we hit up online betting sites in China that’s precisely what we’re looking for. She does, apparently only concern herself with the sincere. However, which of us isn’t praying sincerely at a time like that? Perhaps that’s why she still figures in religious festivals today. Most notably the Festival of Lights, Diwali. Seen as a gambling god by many Hindus they often gamble after the Festival.

Lakshmi Could Assist At Bet365 If You’re Sincere

This, of course, contrasts with most westerners who gamble at festivals, typically on the hygiene of the food. Lakshmi’s credentials then are impeccable. Few of the other gods we’ve looked at still retain an influence. The vice squad in India will tell you her presence is still very much felt. Perhaps then she’s the gambling god we’ve been searching for. Then again it took the god of war a 1000 years to get back into her good books. Do we really have so long to wait for divine favor?

Chinese Proverb

“A good fortune may forebode a bad luck, which may in turn disguise a good fortune.”

Gambling God
Sculpture of Nezha – Image source: Photo Dharma from Penang, Malaysia / CC BY via Wikimedia Commons

Possibly not. However, all is not lost. Just further east is the massive and mysterious nation of China. Ancient and powerful, their current relationship with religion might be questionable, but historically it’s more clear cut. Nezha is their gambling god, and he cuts quite the figure, even among the gods. But is he the right gambling god for us when we hit up online sportsbook sites in China like Bet365? Well let’s take a look, but it doesn’t start very promisingly if we’re frank.

Is Nezha The Gambling God We’ve Been Looking For?

Born after a three and a half year pregnancy, he was already a young boy at birth. This doesn’t seem particularly fortunate. Nor does defeating a Dragon King’s son and then having to commit suicide to protect everyone from his father’s wrath. Coming back to life, however, is far more in keeping with a gambling god worth following. His return, to fight demons, makes him look all the better. The Chinese look to him for guidance in lotteries particularly, because he might just show you the winners ahead of time.

Indian Proverb

“These can never be true friends; Hope, dice, a prostitute, a robber, a cheat, a goldsmith, a monkey, a doctor, a distiller.”

Such impishness is a hallmark of not just Nezha but many a gambling god. Of course, whether you think being a demon slayer is a qualification for gaming guidance is up to you. The Chinese certainly think so. Those taking advantage of Chinese gambling laws at Bet365 and elsewhere even today might cast a prayer toward Nezha. So maybe we don’t have to look any further. Then again if his relationship with his father is anything to go by, being his worshipper could be a fiery experience.  

Continue your quest for a god of winning.

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We take a look at the gambling god of India, Lakshmi, and her demon slaying counter-part across the mountains in China, Nezha. 

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