We Seek A Deity Of Gambling To Be Our God Of Winning

  • Globe-Spanning Quest Chases Suitable God For Gamblers
  • A God Of Winning Could Help People Triumph At Bet365
  • Exploration Of Ancient Cultures Finds Deities Below Par
God Of Winning
Image source: Attributed to Cima da Conegliano via Wikimedia Commons

Gamblers are, as a rule, quite spiritual people. Which of us when placing a bet on sports in the UK at Bet365 doesn’t say a silent prayer of hope? However there isn’t much consensus over which of the numerous gods available is the best. There is no real god of winning, per se. So we undertake a quest to find, from among the pantheon, a suitable candidate. There are, of course, plenty of gods of gambling and good fortune, but do any of these characters measure up? 

You would think this would be easy. There is any number of religions that have a god of gambling or good luck. All we need do is choose one. However, there does seem to be a bit of a running theme. None of them are precisely what you’d call trustworthy. Many are deemed more a hindrance than a help. Others, like Gefion the Norse goddess of luck, tend to be dubious choices. She was also the god of virgins, which doesn’t really make her sound like a god of winning. God of whining perhaps…..

Seeking Out The God Of Gambling In The Ancient World

The Ancient Civilizations of the Mediterranean could well provide the sort of god we need. The Greeks, Romans and Egyptians were all polytheistic. They had gods for everything. So they all had their own god of gambling, perhaps one of them could be our god of winning too. We take a look at three likely candidates from these lauded cultures to see if the pillar & pyramid people had it right. Perhaps one of their deities could help your wagers at online sportsbook sites in the UK like Bet365.  

Martin Luther King

“Of course the true seeker will realize that there is no one way to find God.”

Searching For A Gambling God IN The Far Off East

Of course, many people still attempt to find spiritual enlightenment by journeying east. There is a long tradition of people going to India and China in the exploration of both the countries and themselves. Perhaps here we shall find a suitable god of winning. After all, they both have rich ancient cultures full of mythology and deities. One of their gods has to be suitable, right? After all the Chinese love gambling and the Indians are hardly averse to a little gaming recreation.

God Of Winning
Where to find the God of Winning?

Looking For A God Of Betting In North & South America

We continue our quest by heading west. We examine some of the immortals connected with gambling in the new world. From both what is now the United States and far further south we look at the Aztec and Navajo gods of gaming. Those who regularly take advantage of UK gambling laws on sites like Bet365 may want either as our god of winning. Although, on close examination, one is very much into sacrifice and the other dubious about his neighbors. 

Traditional Proverb

“Old card players never die, they just shuffle away.”

So, we have lots of options for our god of winning, and indeed some more from the more monotheistic faiths. Indeed some might argue once you have a god of gambling why not one for each specific game? Could there be a god of blackjack? Of roulette? Of slot machines? For all, we know they’re very might well be. The pantheon of the heavens is vast and all encompassing, so before you hit up online betting sites in the UK like Bet365, spare a prayer. It might make you lucky. 

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We span the globe in our quest to try and find a god of winning who’ll help us with our wagers if we pray to them.

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