Seven Reasons To Replace Any Bet On F1 With Wacky Races

Most of us enjoy a bet on F1. However, some people aren’t so keen. They see no point in risking a little cash on some over-paid posh plonker in fireproof underwear driving an over engineered go-kart too fast around a tax haven. For these people, there is an obvious alternative. So obvious that one day even online sportsbook sites in the UK like Bet365 may cater to it. Wacky Races. F1 has turned into a soap opera, so here are seven reasons for swapping to a 60s’ cartoon instead.

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Image source: big-ashb / CC BY via Wikimedia Commons

1. More Exciting Vehicles

Anyone who has placed a bet on F1 will have noticed the trend over time. F1 cars are getting longer and wider making the racing less interesting. Wacky Races doesn’t have these issues. From the Buzz Wagon of Rufus Ruffcut to the Army Surplus Special of Sergeant Blast the variety is massive. The new Ferrari and Mercedes might be faster, but when it comes to spectacle Wacky Races has F1 beat. None of the F1 teams will be fielding a dragon equipped vehicle in July.  

2. Drivers With Personality

The evolution of the F1 driver has been rather disappointing to watch. The corporate PR departments have cowed all real personality out of them. There are no more real ‘characters’ in F1, just cloned walking adverts sticking to the company line. Wacky Races, meanwhile, has an eclectic mix of drivers. Why bet on F1 planks like Lewis Hamilton at online betting sites in the UK like Bet365? You could back the far more interesting Slag Brothers (Rock and Gravel) instead. 

3. Fewer Nitpicking Rules

Any bet on F1 runs the risk of falling foul of some sort of incomprehensible pettifogging rule. Many of these appear completely arbitrary or based simply on the judgment of the stewards. Wacky Races, on the other hand, is far more laissez faire. Regulations on vehicles and tactics are very much less intrusive. This is a vast improvement over F1. It provides for far more interesting racing, encourages mechanical development, and ensures results occur at the finish line. Not after an inquiry. 

4. Far More Interesting Settings

You can bet on F1 tracks to all morph into much of a muchness in the coming years. Similar designs, stifling any individuality, making the racing more predictable. This is in stark contrast with Wacky Races which, whilst most often inside the USA, provides a greater range of tracks and courses. Anyone who regularly enjoys a bet on sports in the UK will instantly recognize this as facilitating more interesting races. Anything is better than the Circuit of the Americas, right?  

Bet On F1
The Goodwood Festival Wacky Races in 2008 – Image source: Flickr

5. Greater Variety In Results

There have always been dominant teams in Formula One. This often means that bet on F1 is only on one of a scant three or four drivers. Wacky Races reverses this entirely with just about anyone able to win. Well, okay. Anyone except Dick Dastardly and Mutley, of course, but one would have to be a tad weird to back them. It would be akin to deciding to stake money on Williams to win the Constructors World Champion in 2021……or Valtteri Bottas to be interesting. Ever. 

6. Better Commentary

The commentary for Formula One has gone downhill since the glory days of the legend that is Murray Walker. The teams and drivers now treat the media as an enemy to battle and confound. Wacky Races has the superb Dave Willock whose insights and asides are an invaluable aid to the viewing public. No one wants to bet on F1 and have to listen to the awful bilge talked by Sky’s pundits or C4’s team of dullards. They want excitement, the inside scoop and some moral judgment to go.

7. No FIA Involvement

This is probably the clincher as to why you should replace a bet on F1 with a wager on Wacky Races instead. The FIA has shown all the leadership you’d expect from an organization run by a rally navigator. It burbles away reading out its plan regardless of the actual situation and the results are disappointing. Anyone in the UK gambling laws of common sense has steered the FIA in recent years needs help. Wacky Races is far less fettered and the races reflect this by being far more fun to watch.

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We take a look at why you could replace that bet on F1 will a wager on Wacky Races, the 1960s television cartoon series, instead. 

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