Casino Tricks To Make You Spend More Money

Even though stepping into a real live casino is a great experience, we prefer to play online. Of course, the real casino has bright lights and the atmosphere that comes with the real casino experience, we feel that online we can simply be ourselves. And there's no chance of us falling for those casino tricks that real casinos use to hold onto their players.

casino tricks
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Free Drinks

How can this possibly be a casino trick? Free drinks, what’s not to love?  Well, rather a lot actually. For a start, those free drinks are by design only free because they actually encourage you to play more. Remember, if something is free, it means that you are the product. We know that getting free drinks in the real casino is all part of the experience. But you should always ask, “who benefits?”. The casino loves a tipsy gambler. You’re bound to stick around longer for your free beverages and end up losing a lot. Certainly a lot more than if you’d simply stayed at home and gambled. Oh…and keep in mind that you’re seeing these drinks as a retail priced gift, but they actually come to you at wholesale prices. So they only cost the casino 1/8 or what you think they’re really worth it.

Casino Tricks: No Clocks

As the old saying goes, “time flies when you’re having fun” So it’s of no surprise that casinos want you to continue having fun for as long as possible. Hence, you’ll never find a clock in a casino. You will have no idea how much time has passed. Now, when you’re playing at home on the online casino sites in the UK, just a quick glance down to the taskbar and you’ll see the time.

Chips and Vouchers

You already know that you’ll be needing to trade your cash for chips before you can start playing at the casino games tables. It’s the same for slots and video poker machines. The days of putting a quarter in and pulling a lever are long past. So why do casinos insist on you not using your own money? Well, it’s another casino trick. The reason is psychological. With chips and plastic tokens, it’s easier to forget that you’re actually dealing with real money. By removing the link between yourself and your money, you don’t worry as much about spending it.

casino tricks
Everyone loves to play with the chips

Attractive Wait Staff

You will not find too many “ugly” staff working at the casino. The waitress who asked if you want a drink is not going to be Quasimodo’s sister. it’s more than probable she’ll be an attractive young woman, skimpily dressed in a pushup bra. And that’s because it’s yet another distraction for the player. Each one of these can lead to a break in your concentration.

Casino Tricks: No Windows

No matter where we are in daylight hours, we naturally like to take a peek outside. this is part and parcel of our animal biological makeup. It’s what maintains our internal clocks. So, being in the land-based casino, it will probably be one of the first things that you notice: namely, that the building has no windows. it’s not as if there’s no light in the casino, with artificial lighting everywhere. It’s just that there’s no daylight, and no way of knowing whether it’s even day or night. Playing in an environment like this will throw you off balance. But, as we’ve seen before, that’s the idea behind it. Just another casino trick.

We love going to land-based casinos. The glamour and glitter. And it’s great fun to participate in real casino table games, playing against other players in real-time. But the sheer number of tricks the casinos employ leaves us with a bad taste in the mouth. Yes, we understand that they are first and foremost a business. That they need to turn a handsome profit. But these mind tricks border on the cynical for us. Also, as you probably know by now, we are huge proponents of staying at home and playing on the online gambling sites in the UK.

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