Do You Know How to Play Anonymously in Online Casinos?

  • How can nicknames save our identity?
  • We will show you how to play anonymously in online casinos with different IP addresses!
  • Pro tips to make your anonymity to the next level!
How to play anonymously in online casinos

Can I Play Completely Anonymous in Online Casinos?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to create your online casino account completely anonymous. Although, there are various ways to create a safety profile that will not tell anything about you to other players.

The reason why you cannot play anonymously online is that the legitimate online gambling sites in the USA always require proof of identification before they withdraw the money to your account. Moreover, you cannot register without giving some personal data, such as your name and date of birth. Some sites also require an address or country. If this information does not match with your ID, casinos have the right to refuse the payout.

So overall, there is no answer to how to play anonymously in online casinos. However, there is an answer to how to protect ourselves while playing on online casino sites!

The Way You Can Create Your Anonymous Online Casino Account!

There are still many ways how to play anonymously in online casinos! The first thing you can do is using a different e-mail address when you sign-up on a website. Never use your personal or professional e-mail address if you want to remain anonymous. Furthermore, it is also a good idea to not get promotions and other notifications.

Secondly, you can use a display name that is not identifiable. Be creative and careful, because you create this name to protect yourself. Therefore, you should not use this name anywhere else.

Third-party payment to play anonymously in online casinos!

Third-party payment provider also helps us to protect our anonymity. But what is that? A third-party payment processor helps you to receive payments online from your customers. In other words, they allow merchants to entirely avoid the need to own a merchant account.

They are essentially acting like buffers between you and the online casino in terms of protecting your personal information. You can make deposits and withdrawals with them, and they will not share any information about you. They further take on the responsibility of clearing and confirming transactions for the casino.

How to play anonymously in online casinos
Being anonymous and being in safe isn’t the same thing

Furthermore, if you are using pre-paid credit or deposit cards, you do not need to provide any information about yourself. Moreover, you can also use Bitcoin as casino deposits, which is also guarantee your incognito. In Japan, there is an anonymous casino payment system for the players to protect their anonymity!

Overall, a third-party payment processor is a very comfortable way how to play anonymously in online casinos.

Play anonymously in online casinos with different IP addresses!

Players think that if they use a different name and e-mail address with a third-party payment provider, they can protect themselves completely. However, you should not forget that we connect to the online casinos in the USA with an internet connection. This identifies who you are through your IP address.

However, pro players know how to play anonymously in online casinos! They usually mask their IP address by using a Virtual Private Network or Server. They may be familiar to you under the names VPN or VPS. A VPN allows you to connect securely to the Internet via an independent network. These servers can be located anywhere, so you can surf the web as though you are in a different location.

Some More Pro tips for players!

We mentioned several ways about how can you protect your identification, however, there are general rules you should stick to if you are playing for real money online.

Due to the first important rule, you should only play on reputable casino sites, you can follow the link to the online casino sites in the USA! You should remember that each country has its own laws regarding online gambling. Sometimes, players are unsure whether a website is safe for them or not. To avoid any issues, the best idea is to play at a licensed online casino which is accepted by players from your country. In the USA, one of the most popular sites is the Intertops casino site.

Continuously, you should be familiar with the online gambling laws applying in your country. As we mentioned, every country has its own laws. So if you want to play from a different country, you should take a look at the online gambling laws. What is legal in one country may be illegal in another.

Finally, you should never give your payment information to another player online! If you were ever wondering how to play anonymously in online casinos, this is the worst thing you can do. Phishers are everywhere, they are creative and can find out many believable reasons why should you give them your payment information or further personal data. So, if the added security of being anonymous is important to you, please remember to always stay vigilant when being asked for personal information!

However, still, the best way to keep your identity safe is to play on reputable sites! These are completely safe and never give your personal data to a third member. You can discover them on the online casino sites in the USA!

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