Common Superstitions in Online Roulette – Should We Believe in Them?

  • A number is never ‘due’ a win
  • Blow the dice, not your phone
  • Common superstitions in online roulette vs Own intuitions

Gamblers must be among the most superstitious of all people. Some of them wear a pin in the lapel for good luck. Some walk around the table before a game to increase their luck. But what about the most common superstitions in online roulette? How did the virtual world shape these superstitions? We brought you the best-known superstitions among gambling and found out how many of them remained among online casinos!

Superstitions of (un)lucky Numbers

There are several gambling superstitions which are helping to win money on online roulette. Most people have a lucky number. It might be their birth date, the day they got married, their favorite year, or they just sympathize with that number for no particular reason.

In addition to lucky numbers, some numbers can cause bad luck – or at least in some people’s opinion. Such as the number 13, which many people dare not bet on because they are afraid of losing. However, unlucky numbers have the same chance of winning as any other number! Both lucky and unlucky numbers are just common superstitions which are went too far.

Common Superstitions in Online Roulette
Do you believe in numbers?

Unfortunately, betting on our lucky number or not to bet on the unlucky ones, will not increase the chances of winning. People, who are always choosing their same lucky number and miss the unlucky ones, are usually playing without a strategy. However, contrary to popular belief, gambling also has its own strategy!

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Are the Numbers Hot or Sleeping Today?

Anyone who is a little versed in the world of roulette is aware of the concept of sleeping numbers. The belief is that a number which has not won all day, or for an extended amount of time, will suddenly win. But each spin of the wheel signifies a reset in the odds. A number can go weeks without winning, remember that a number is never due a win.

Hot numbers are similar to sleeping numbers, and both of them are common superstitions in online roulette. A hot number is one that has won multiple times during the day. Of course, the hot number changes from table to table.

Besides, this superstition has no mathematical explanation as every number at the roulette wheel has the same winning probabilities, a lot of people believe in it.

Have you experienced common superstitions in online roulette yourself?

Is Blowing on Dice a Common Superstition in Online Roulette?

There are countless movies where people blow on the dice before they roll. It is an attempt to influence lady luck in the gambler’s favor, as is rubbing the dice with the hands. These common superstitions in online roulette are used the least.

However, certain unethical gamblers coated one side of their dice in a sticky substance, that could be activated by moisture. Blowing on the dice before rolling it was a way to guarantee the required land. Since there is a high risk that the dice will stick to something on the table, this cheat has never become popular.

Common Superstitions in Online Roulette
What’s your lucky number?

But how could you blow on a virtual dice? There are people out there, who are blowing their phone, in the absence of dices. This sounds a little bit weird, isn’t it? Gambling superstitions can provoke very strange behavior from people, especially if they are obsessed gamblers.

Wearing Lucky Items are Common Superstitions in Online Roulette.

As there are unlucky and lucky numbers, there are unlucky and lucky clothes and colors as well. One of the most popular superstitions is the lucky underwear. Furthermore, the color red is also a good sign. As you enter a casino, you will see many people in unusual clothes with weird accessories. They are wearing all sorts of lucky items, from a rabbit’s foot to a horseshoe.

Four-leaf-clovers are also highly popular, while many gamblers have a personal lucky charm that they bring to the table. The famous Johnny Chan brought an orange to every poker game he played. Initially, this served as an air freshener at tables swathed in cigarette smoke. Today, it is pure superstition.

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Are the Spins Related in Online Roulette?

Well, the answer is no, of course. Each roulette spin is an independent event. The odds of any given result on any given spin are exactly the same. If you were able to make some kind of proposition bet related to the results of multiple spins, then previous spins would matter. But every spin and every wager means you are starting all over again.

Maybe this is one of the most common superstitions in online roulette. Many people think that the results of the previous spin have something to do with the results of the next spin. Moreover, most gamblers think that if the color black has come up seven times in a row, then betting on red is a good idea because eight black spins in a row are unlikely. Why, at red they are likely?

You should keep in mind that when you bet on the outcome of the eighth spin, you are not betting on whether or not there are going to be eight blacks in a row. You are betting on the result of a single spin, the results of the previous spins are irrelevant.

Most gamblers think that online roulette is manipulated, however, it is not possible because the chances are generated by random. However, you do not need to be afraid, because the games are regularly monitored.

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