USA Airport Gambling Fails to Impress Players

Airport gaming in the United States fails to reach expected heights, once again proving mobile gambling superiority.

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A selected number of airports in the United States have been offering electronic gambling facilities on their territories on trial basis under American gambling laws. Most of these attempts have shown dismal results, which once again has shown that the real mobile gambling is what players want.

The first airport to offer trial American mobile gambling opportunities was Minneapolis St.Paul International Airport. It started offering electronic gambling on iPads in its bars and restaurants back in January this year. A report published earlier this week has revealed that customers have only spent a total of $33,586 during the first six month on the available machines, way too little to make the operation profitable.

The expectations were a staggering $3 million, and the money was ear-marked to fund the brand new Minnesota Vikings NFL stadium. The state of Minnesota included the airport gambling offerings into its plans to stake their $348 million share needed for the stadium.

What has disappointed the state even more, is the fact that over 85 percent of the revenues have been given back to participating players as winning prizes, and a large share went to pay the rent and taxes. The same report has revealed that the operator behind the airport gaming project has only earned a total of $1,900 on these facilities.

Judging by the European experience where the online and mobile casino gambling is widely legal and regulated, it seems that mobile gaming is preferred by players to fixed terminal mobile gambling. This type of activity allows players to access games via their own devices, and ensures they can play wherever they go and whenever they want to.

American gambling news reports that once the online and mobile gaming activities are legalized and properly regulated in the US, giant operators including Bet365, William Hill and more will definitely start offering their games to US players.

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