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Posted: May 27, 2024

Updated: May 27, 2024

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It’s time for us to start looking into some hobbies. The summer is here, and many are preparing for their well-deserved vacation after a rough series of work during the spring. During vacation, sometimes we like to lay back and remember our teenagehood when all we had to do was to go home and visit a friend for a Warcraft LAN. This is why we collected some of the video games gamblers must try this year.

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Today we have collected some of the video games gamblers must try. This is a light-hearted list, and we made sure to make it diverse for all audiences that might find this article. We not only have several genres of video games but also many different manifestations of gambling in them. Some are just games that on a cosmic level fully match the mechanics of a slot machine, while others are actual games with literal gambling mini-games.

We are here to satisfy your need for a new game to play at the beginning of summer. If you are interested in playing real gambling games, then please always play with responsibility, and create a safe betting budget. For more serious gambling games, please proceed to our list of online casino sites in the US.

World of Warcraft – Video Games Gamblers Must Try

Let’s start with the famous World of Warcraft. The ruiner of many lives, and the game that reshaped the MMORPG genre forever. It started as a whole new phenomenon. We witnessed the birth of a new hobby and a whole new world. An activity strange to people, coming with ultimate immersion. However, just like every MMORPG, WoW had to experience its downfall as well. See, when playing WoW, you have to pay a monthly fee. If you wish to farm game-time, the price always changes.

At some point, you will reach the level where the game is just a rotation spamming, hoping for a random rare drop. According to the Blizzard US Forums, many have noticed that World of Warcraft is this gigantic MMORPG and a free world of many dimensions to discover. Yet, on the grand scale of mechanisms, it is like a slot machine. If you are interested in real gambling games, just register at Ignition Casino.

World of Warcraft

Baldur’s Gate 3

Moving on with the video games gamblers must try, we have Baldur’s Gate 3! Released last year, it redefined not only its genre but the whole game industry as a whole. According to the Gamerant, the game has bagged roughly 32 awards. The reason why you should try this game is because it is based on the famous Dungeons & Dragons roleplaying game.

This world allows dungeon masters to customize their story, and Larian has decided to write a half-canon, half-custom story. This way, everyone can be satisfied with the gameplay. You can play literal gambling characters, even without adding any mods to the game. There are many gambling opportunities, and of course, you can even build a randomizer character.

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Lost Ark – Video Games Gamblers Must Try

Back in my days, video games were pretty interesting. They were these strange, wild, and gigantic projects studios did. Once in a while, they implemented a slot machine feature, so they could sell their game more. Well, nowadays things are entirely different. They have created this huge world, only to sell a slot machine mechanism. This is what Lost Ark is.

An amazing story, and a unique gaming experience, all paired with exciting and unique mechanisms. However, in the light of everything, Lost Ark will ultimately turn into a slot machine once you reach a certain level. According to Reddit, it advertises real money gambling. You can not mathematically farm out the things you need without spending real cash on the gambling feature.

lost ark gambling

Hoyle Casino Empire

Want to understand how to work in an online casino? Perhaps you always dreamed about managing your own. Well, the Hoyle Casino Empire is the first step for all entrepreneurs to start their businesses. This video game is not taking too much time, yet it includes everything a successful casino business needs. In this game, your goal is to manage a casino and expand it into an empire.

Of course, the game has its limitations, and there are many outdated graphics, but perhaps this is the charm of the gameCasino builder games are all great for you to understand the essentials of running your casino. On top of that, it would help you understand how the investment works. Of course, this is nothing to base a real business off of, but it is certainly for the business-minded.

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Fallout New Vegas – Video Games Gamblers Must Try

Of course, we can not miss one of the video games featuring poker! Namely, Fallout New Vegas. This game is one of a kind, and of course, it is for those who do not mind the single-player experience. There are deep characters and factions to discover. What makes the setting interesting is that the game is in an apocalyptic Las Vegas, where the gambling districts have turned into different factions people could join.

There are many thrills and mysteries to discover about the world of the game. But what is the most entertaining is the fact that you can play gambling games in almost any corner of this gameWhich is making the whole experience a little more fun for all of us. Casino enjoyers may find thousands of Vegas references in this game.

Fallout New Vegas

Counter-Strike 2

Finally, we reached the end of our list of the video games gamblers must try. Of course, we have a whole CS2 betting guide dedicated just for you. Essentially, this game is pretty intense. An FPS shooting game building heavily on the multiplayer-esports category. Two essential factors make this game the best for gamblers. For one, there is the essential gambling scene, which makes CS2 one of the biggest esports betting communities. People just love to bet on the winner of the next competitive games for some reason.

The second reason is a bit more specific. These are about the weapon skins. See, you can essentially purchase or even sell loot boxes. People then may open these, hoping for a drop that they can sell for thousands of dollars. This is the heart and spirit of CS2. If you are interested in straight gambling, then all you have to do is register at Ignition Casino.

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