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Posted: May 27, 2024

Updated: May 27, 2024

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There are several different types of gamblers. However, some of our favorites include politicians, businessmen, and rappers. Today we are going to talk about Drake’s gambling history. He is the hip-hop artist who staked over 1 billion dollars and won even more. He is a partner with one of the greatest gambling brands online. Who knows? One day you might be able to play with Drake himself!

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Today we are going to give you a summary of Drake’s gambling history. Join us and discover the world of gambling from the perspective of a man who has been topping the charts for the best hip-hop artists. We do not expect to see Drake at the next WSOP. But at the same time? He is one of the only hip-hop stars who is openly gambling and was interested in a collaboration with a betting site.

If you are interested in finding online gambling games, we recommend you take a look at our list of online gambling sites in Canada. This article is a collection of gambling facts about Drake, who is in a bigger spotlight in his beef with Kendrick Lamar.

About Drake’s Gambling History

First things first, let’s talk about Drake’s core personality. We know that he grew up as a child actor, without carrying the burden of a general rapper. However, he does enjoy the culture other than that. Known for dating several ladies, going to clubs, enjoying sports, and of course, staking cash and doing business. He was the man who supported Kendrick Lamar and J Cole’s career.

According to the Give Me Sport, he made a $500k bet on one of the UFC fighters. Therefore, he has the thrill of enjoying making beneficial investments or predictions. We can see much of this personality under the topic of the Drake vs Kendrick fight, but more about that later. For now, if you wish to play casino games, we recommend you register at Drake Casino.

Drake the gambler

How Much He Played?

A lot! Drake’s gambling history starts with online gambling activities, which is a fresh energy in the celebrity circles. Therefore, we believe that Drake is kind of a gambling personality in the celebrity atmosphere. According to Reddit, he has wagered over $1 billion between 2021 and 2022.

From this, he has won around $354000 to $7 million only playing roulette. Therefore, we believe that he is truly a high-stakes player. Perhaps the only reason why he is not among the high roller community members is because he prefers to play roulette instead of Texas Hold’Em. This is pretty much the essence of the whole game.

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Roulette – Drake’s Gambling History

So, why is Drake picking roulette over anything else? Well, perhaps the answer is simpler than one might wonder. No, this is not roulette being the most valuable game. Ratherit’s just the essence of roulette. In the end, all gambling games are organically calculated to benefit the casino. Therefore, all of the complex and time-consuming rules are only there to entertain the idea of playing something other than a game of chance.

Thus, knowing that this is just gambling, he probably enjoys the private experience and the quick thrills of gambling. This is why we love to understand how to bet on Drake. All of his industry actions feel like a game of chance sometimes.

drakes favorite casino game

Drake’s Partnership With Stake

Of course, Drake’s gambling history does not end with simple games. He became a partner with Stake, one of the most popular online gambling platforms for influencers. According to All Hip Hop, he was spotted spending time on Stake.com. Of course, the company has decided to embark on the celebrity’s presence and make him an official partner.

Their advertisement suggests that you might be playing at the very same online table as Drake if you played. Of course, they are reporting about their successful wagers and their general habit of visiting the platform. By playing, Drake is now earning cash, as he serves as a living advertisement board for the website. Next to XQC.

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In His Personality – Drake’s Gambling History

Let’s take a look at our review of the Drake and Kendric Lamar beef. In short, Drake has decided to send his enemy, Kendrick Lamar fake news from his team. He knew that Kendrick was going to be impulsive, and immediately released a diss track with the acquired information. Only after the release of his deep and hard-hitting song, then Drake publically laugh at him for feeding him fake info, as he took the bait.

If Drake was indeed feeding Kendrick false information, then this strategic behavior only describes a high-stake gambler who is not afraid of thinking outside of the box to turn the odds his way. He had many other ways in which he took risks, especially when it came to video clips and musical decisions. It seems that among the hip-hop stars and celebrities, Drake is also a high-stake gambler who understands the value of information.

a born gambler

Where To Play Like Drake?

Now that you understand Drake’s gambling history, it is pretty easy to see that we are talking about a billionaire. Therefore, Drake can win big, because he has relatively infinite money compared to a normal player. He can afford to take the greatest opportunities and make a high-stakes decision without being mad about losing the cash.

This is why you should stay responsible while gambling. Always have a safe budget, and never expect to win as much cash as Drake did. He was just lucky, and he had a lot of resources to burn, so to speak. If you are interested in a great casino experience, register at Drake Casino. Of course, the chances of meeting Drake is small. But you will never know. One day you might find yourself playing at a random roulette table, with the number one hip hop artist at the other end of the table.

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