Want to Bet on Soccer Online in Brazil? Head to NetBet Sportsbook

Bet on soccer online in Brazil

Those looking to bet on soccer online in Brazil should head to NetBet Sportsbook where you’ll find a full list of odds for games taking place throughout the year.


The country of Brazil has one of the most passionate soccer fan bases in the entire world. Millions of people from this nation watch games religiously, and many enjoy wagering on the outcomes.


There are a number of fantastic online sportsbooks in Brazil offering betting odds on soccer, but in this article we’ll take a look at the lines set by NetBet Sportsbook for a number of matches you can wager on right now.


Bet on World Cup qualifiers in Brazil

One of the best options to bet on soccer online in Brazil right now is one World Cup qualifying matches. There are a number of fantastic games taking place this week, many of which are offering tremendous odds to make money.


2018 World Cup winner odds

  • Germany: 5/1
  • Brazil: 6/1
  • Spain: 8/1
  • France: 6/1
  • Argentina: 10/1

One of the best games you can bet on at NetBet Sportsbook now is between Bulgaria and France. France is at the top of Group A right now with 17 points while Bulgaria is fighting to make it into the possible second round spot.


Understandably, France is the massive favorite here with current odds of 1.19 to win. Bulgaria has at times looked like a team capable of making the World Cup, but they’re not expected to get past France this week with current odds of 13.50 to win.


Bet on the Premier League in Brazil

Another fantastic soccer betting option in Brazil is on the English Premier League match-ups. The 2017/18 Premier League season began in August and a number of teams are beginning to emerge as potential future champions.

One upcoming game that soccer betting expert feel odds a great chance to make money is between Newcastle and Crystal Palace. Crystal Palace sits in last place right now with 0 wins in 7 games, while Newcastle is currently ranked 9th with a record of 3-1-3.


Despite how far apart these teams are ranked, the odds are not that drastic for either club. Newcastle is the favorite to win with current odds of 1.76. Crystal Palace has the chance to make Brazilian gambling news
with the upset, but are given odds of just 4.65 to do so.


Bet on La Liga in Brazil

The last option to bet on soccer online in Brazil is one the popular Spanish La Liga. Much like the Premier League, this tournament is popular all over the world and is offering some fantastic odds for those looking to bet on the outcome of matches.


One of the best games you can bet on is between the number 2 and 3 ranked teams, Valencia and Sevilla. Both these teams have a real shot at winning the championship this year. So which one is coming in as the betting favorite?


At the moment, Valencia holds the higher odds to win. They are 4-3-0 so far this season and currently hold 15 points. Valencia’s odds to beat Sevilla are set at 1.90. Valencia is looking better than ever with a current record of 5-1-1 but are listed as the soccer betting underdogs here with current odds of 3.70 to win against Valencia.


Anyone looking to bet on soccer online in Brazil this year should head to NetBet Sportsbook. Here you’ll find a complete list of odds for every major game taking place.

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