Mr. Dore and Ms. Ward the Favorites at Warringah Liberal Candidate Odds


Posted: May 26, 2021

Updated: May 26, 2021

  • Mr. Dore is the most significant name in preselection battle
  • Ms. Ward has massive experience in public office

The bookies are offering an exciting Warringah Liberal candidate odds on preselection hopefuls to stand in the upcoming elections. The favorites are mostly carrying progressive views and supportive of addressing climate change. They include Alex Dore, Natalie Ward, Jane Buncle, and Sasha Grebe.

Warringah has been a legal stronghold since its inception until independent and former Olympic athlete Zali Steggall won it. It was a massive win over former prime minister Tony Abbott in the 2019 election. However, the Liberal Party has a lot of hope to win back the seat this year, as per online sportsbook news in Australia.

Before the election battle takes place against the MP Zali Steggall, a preselection process is underway. It will decide the Liberal candidate with the best chance of taking down Steggall. Among the top figures at Warringah liberal candidate odds, the Liberal executive Alex Dore and state MP Natalie Ward lead the way.

Alex Dore is a very significant name in the preselection battle

The former Young Liberal president and a management consultant at PwC is one of the significant names in the preselection battle. He is currently sitting on top of Warringah’s liberal candidate odds list with a 1.75 value, as per 22BET Sportsbook. Most likely his name recognition and progressive proposals are the reason behind him possibly getting the candidacy.

Warringah liberal candidate odds
Australian Election Map 2016 – DrRandomFactor, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Mr. Dore has very ambitious plans for the area including the reduction of emissions and the encouragement of people to be accountable to the same standards as the rest of Australia. He has been calling for a while for giving up old, slow, diesel-guzzling, emissions-spewing ferries. Should these ideas appeal to the public he might well win the selection process.

Natalie Ward has a lot of experience in public office

Another significant name is the upper house MP Natalie Ward. She has been a Liberal member of the New South Wales Legislative Council since 2017. She is also the Chair of the Standing Committee on Law since 2018. What is more, Ms. Ward is parliamentary secretary to the Attorney-General.

So much experience in public office will likely give a lot of Liberal figures the confidence to select her. Thus, her odds stand at 4.5 to win the candidacy. However, it will likely be a tough fight against contenders like Mr. Dore.

Warringah Liberal candidate odds on Jane Buncle

The 34-year-old lawyer from Manly has been a strong supporter of addressing climate change.  She also holds more progressive social views than predecessor Tony Abbott. Therefore, she might get a chance to represent Liberals against independent MP Steggall. Her odds value 7.

Sasha Grebe is another strong contender

Abbott’s former communications and strategy director Sasha Grebe is another strong contender. She is perceived by many senior Liberal figures as a prominent Warringah politician and highly experienced policy and energy sector adviser. Should she get the candidacy her odds are 10, as per online sportsbooks in Australia.

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