Was Your Bet On Vettel Thrown Away In Singapore?

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From the very first race of the season we always knew it was going to be a tough year in Formula One as Ferrari, long off the pace of Mercedes, announced their resurgence with Sebastian Vettel at the wheel, and the battle between he and Hamilton has bubbled away every race since with the tension spilling over at times, but if you bet on Vettel at Bet365 to take the championship that first lap incident in Singapore may well have scuppered any chances he had of winning.

F1 World Championship

Valtteri Bottas – 100/1
Sebastian Vettel – 4/1
Lewis Hamilton – 1/7

With the Mercedes cars of Lewis Hamilton and Valtteri Bottas relegated to the third row of the grid after a disappointing qualifying session for the silver arrows, the Ferrari of Vettel sat on pole position giving him every advantage going into the floodlit nighttime Singapore Grand Prix. It was a position from which you’d bet on Vettel to win, however with the ever energetic Max Verstappen in a Red Bull car to his left something snapped inside the mind of the German and within seconds it was all over.

Max got a great start, but not as great as Kimi Raikonnen who sped alongside him to his left from the second row, leveraging the superb off-the-line performance of the Ferrari, however perhaps unseen by the Finn on the other side of Vestappen Vettel was lunging across the circuit attempting to squeeze Max a little going into turn one, stamping his authority on the race from the off as it were. You can bet on Vettel not being the only one in Singapore gambling laws of acceleration would see him get the lead.

Did Vettel Squander His 2017 Championship Chances In Singapore?

Max Verstappen Malaysia Odds

Max Verstappen (source:

So then Sebastian Vettel wanted Max to twitch left, Kimi Raikkonen wanted Max to twitch right, poor Max Vestappen couldn’t do either and got hit by BOTH Ferraris in what looked like a concerted effort to sandwich the Dutchman who has now retired from as many Grand Prix as he’s finished this year. Raikkonen and Verstappen skidded to a halt hitting each other again on the way and at that moment if you had bet on Vettel you were perhaps hoping the damage to his car wasn’t too bad. But it was.

Perhaps the most unlucky chap on the grid was Fernando Alonso who had performed a stunningly superb maneuver weaving right across the track and coming around the outside of nearly everyone moving himself up from 8th on the grid to 3rd in the race just in time to be torpedoed by the Raikkonen/Vestappen disaster as it blew off the track in a ball of sparks and spray. No one in Singapore gambling news on Vettel would be good was right, his race was over, that bet on Vettel winning a waste.

Bet On Vettel To Win The Malaysian Grand Prix At Bet365

Malaysian Grand Prix 2017

Kimi Raikkonen – 25/1
Max Verstappen – 16/1
Daniel Ricciardo – 16/1
Valtteri Bottas – 6/1
Sebastian Vettel – 9/5
Lewis Hamilton – 17/20

Come the end of the race Lewis Hamilton got the victory, Daniel Ricciardo came in second with Valtteri Bottas taking third place on the podium. This puts Hamilton 28 points ahead of Vettel in the Championship and with only six races left that definitely gives him the edge as the odds at Bet365 reflect with the English driver now just 1/7 at Bet365 to be this year’s winner, with a bet on Vettel only garnering 4/1, albeit miles ahead of Valtteri Bottas at 100/1, a brave wager if you like to bet on sports in Singapore.

The circus moves across the water for the Malaysian Grand Prix next, the last time F1 will visit after Malaysia had struggled to attract a large enough attendance, in no small part because of the competition from the glamour of Singapore’s nighttime race. The question is should you bet on Vettel, who loves the Sepang circuit winning there four times before, to win at Bet365 or will his obvious aggression lead him to come a cropper in Malaysia too? And more importantly will Max Verstappen get to finish at all?

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