England Must Justify Its Ultra-Low Series Win ODI Odds Now

series win ODI Odds

A massive win in the first One Day International against the West Indies saw their series win ODI odds dip so low you’d think the end of the world more likely than them losing the best of five tournament, but does one extraordinary performance really justify believing it’ll be a total walkover? The Windies have a lot to prove now and they might just use England to prove it, so which should you back at Bet365? We take a look.

  • Can the Windies beat their woeful series win ODI odds or are they a spent force?
  • Should you bet on England to repeat their devastating first ODI match performance?
  • Will Jonny Bairstow score another century this ODI series?
  • Who will this exciting one day cricket series before England head off down under?

Whilst the Caribbean quivers under the attention of Hurricane Maria just days after suffering through Hurricane Irma the West Indies Cricket team were on the other side of the Atlantic at Old Trafford playing through an ODI series against England. The devastation, destruction and danger to life are horrible to see…..but enough about Manchester, and whilst the weather battered the islands England did a pretty good job of defying the series win ODI odds at Bet365 by decisively battering the visitors.

The return of Chris Gayle to the ODI team looked, early on, to be a new danger for the England side and he piled on 37 for just 27 balls, but once he’d gone a Woakes/Root combination it was only Hope and then Holder that put up much of a fight, the former getting a scrappy 35 and the latter still being on 41 when the Windies ran out of men to put at the other end of the wicket. A 204-9 total wasn’t going to inspire anyone who likes to bet on sports in the UK and those series win ODI odds at Bet365 looked overly generous.

England Pile On The Pressure With Perfect Performance

Chris Gayle, West Indies

Chris Gayle (source:

Having limited the Windies with the ball England took to the bat and produced possibly their best ever one day performance, their series win ODI odds at Bet365 looking exceedingly tasty. Jonny Bairstow opened for England and was still stood at the crease when England had powered by the Windies total. He’d scored a maiden century in 30.5 overs with Joe Root having added a creditable 54 in just slightly fewer balls. It was a gloriously wonderful piece of fast paced Cricket that gave them a 7 wicket victory.

Of course there are five games left in the series and whilst Bet365 and UK gambling laws combine to give you perfect opportunity to wager England will repeat this magnificent performance when they play in Trent Bridge or The Brightside Ground, you’d have to be quite the optimist. This was the sort of innings that happens but rarely, however it does mean that the series win ODI odds on England have shortened right up at sites like Bet365 to just 1/20 to win, the Windies chances not quite as favorable.

Get All The Series Win ODI Odds At Bet365

WI vs Eng ODI Series

England – 1/20
West Indies – 15/2

If you hunt around for sites like Bet365 you’ll find 8/1 on the West Indies to win the ODI series against England and you have to believe that after the defeat at Old Trafford they’ll be going all out to redress the balance in Nottingham and Bristol. Naturally the weather will come into play at both those games (as it does for any event held in the summer in the UK) and this stunning performance from England that did their series win ODI odds so much good, could be the last uninterrupted chance they get.

The Windies, however are unlikely to be praying for rain as they’re painfully aware that this loss slips them down to 9th in the World rankings and thus outside the automatic qualification places for the 2019 World Cup, forcing them to compete in the qualifying tournament next year. It’s a longer road ahead than they’d have liked, and anyone in the UK gambling news on Saturday the 30th will be of an historic West Indies victory against their series win ODI odds at sites like Bet365, just isn’t paying attention.

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