Water Polo EuroCup 2022/2023 Bets, Strategies And Markets


Posted: January 11, 2023

Updated: January 11, 2023

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Regarding water polo betting, this sport is only considered popular in a certain number of countries, so there are plenty of bookmakers that do not offer matches. However, all of the water polo bookmakers who consider the European markets important also make available almost all water polo betting events, be it big international tournaments, the national championships, or the EuroCup. Let’s see the best Water Polo EuroCup 2022/2023 bets.

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Water Polo EuroCup 2022/2023 bets

The good news is that betting on the EuroCup is the same as wagering on any other water polo event. At 22Bet Sportsbook, you can choose from several options and markets, like the winner in the women’s category. According to the betting site, C.S. Plebiscito Padova A.S.D. is the most likely to win with 2,4 odds, followed by Ferencvárosi TC with five. As for the men, Vasas SC and Trieste are the top choices, but you can also check out the whole list and the teams’ stats there.

In terms of betting markets, there are no considerable differences. If a betting platform offers water polo matches, you will definitely find the most popular markets, such as Asian handicaps or live bets there too. Since water polo is considered a less popular sport among bettors, bookmakers do not pay as much attention to it as other, more sought-after sports, which you can use to your advantage.

As a result, the odds are often determined based on statistics, so you can be at a great advantage if you know the current news, like who is injured, etc. In addition, since they determine the odds so simply, it is pretty helpful to monitor the available odds at several bookmakers at the same time, as you may find considerable differences. Since the qualification process has already started for the EuroCup, you can check out the new updates at online sportsbook sites in Hungary!

Best Betting Strategies

As mentioned above, in the case of water polo, the bookmakers set their odds based on the strength of the teams and their statistics in most cases, which are accessible for bettors as well. Moreover, you can also gain an advantage if you know the water polo rules well. In that case, it shouldn’t be a problem to predict which player’s injury or current shape can play a factor in the result. 

In light of this, a good water polo betting strategy is to keep following the current events and news of the tournament in the given league in every possible way. For example, on social media sites or by checking out the best water polo teams in history! Another popular strategy that comes in handy at the Water Polo EuroCup 2022/2023 bets is choosing to predict the possibility of a draw and betting on the number of goals.

If you pick the former, you should know that a draw is rare in water polo, but it is always available with very high payouts. Thus, if you make a combination bet and place money on a draw in addition to your original, more likely wagers, then if the draw doesn’t happen, you can still win some money, but if it works out, you can expect a nice sum. Betting on the number of goals is a profitable way to wager in water polo because there are sure to be quite a few goals on both sides in the matches. 

Available Water Polo EuroCup 2022/2023 Bets

Unsurprisingly, in the case of water polo, the most popular betting market is betting on the final outcome. Since there is little chance of a draw in the matches, you can find a few helpful tips. Bets on the number of goals are also popular. There are usually three types. In Over/Under, you can bet that the match will end with more or fewer goals than the number given by the bookmaker, and the other two refer to guessing the number of goals of the teams involved. 

In the case of international tournaments, a common form of betting is to predict the winning team or try to guess at the very beginning of the competition who will win at the end. It is rare, but sometimes at big international matches or important championships, you can find special bets, such as who will score the first goal in the game. Finally, as with almost all sports, there are also handicap markets in water polo, and it is not uncommon to find Asian handicaps in addition to traditional handicaps. 

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Live Betting Options

The platforms that offer water polo betting options will most likely provide live betting events, which is a promising opportunity since significant changes occur in these matches even in a matter of seconds. For instance, going into the last quarter with two goals up is already considered a great advantage. In the same way, in the case of bets on the number of goals, you can quickly draw conclusions about the final result, even after only one quarter.

If you place a live bet, it would be nice to watch the matches live. The biggest bookmakers always provide live broadcasts, but most of the time, bettors have to be content with virtual broadcasts or tracking results. However, there is serious support behind water polo teams in the countries where it is popular, so you will always find their live streams, so it should not stop you from betting live if the current bookmaker does not offer live broadcasts.

Water Polo EuroCup 2022/2023 Bets

The most popular competitions are the biggest international events. The EuroCup, the World Cup, or the Olympics always draw a lot of attention. There are many broadcasts, interviews, discussions, and bettors are more active at this time. Accordingly, this is when you can find the most betting events and betting markets. You can find the water polo calendar at online sportsbook sites in Hungary!

In addition to the international games, the national and state championships are also always of great interest in many countries. Therefore, you will always be able to find these matches in the selection of water polo bookmakers. Equally popular are international club matches, such as the Champions League or the LEN Cup, although usually hardcore fans, pro bettors, or experts bet on these games.

The Best Water Polo Betting Tips

As we have already described above, it is crucial to be aware of the events at the given league, to follow the news, and to find information. Even using social media, you can definitely gain an advantage over the other bettors and even the water polo bookmakers. There are always one or two exceptionally strong teams that are the most likely to win, so if you bet on their matches, your chances of winning are pretty high. Also, if you combine these well with some risky tips, you can collect a nice sum.

It is also good to be aware of the statistics of international tournaments, specifically between the given countries. Since there are matches where the fight and strength dominate, you may choose an Over/Under, or the number of goals bets for these matches, since the chances of scoring a bunch of goals are very low. The international scene is dominated by the teams of a few countries. So if they play with teams that do not belong to the top choices, you can almost be sure of the results.

If you want to bet on the winner, it is definitely advisable to bet live, as you can react immediately in light of the events and even catch great odds and payouts. In the case of water polo, it’s true that the more sites you register on, the greater the chance of collecting the highest possible prize. It is worth comparing the odds and available betting markets in advance, so you can always find the best. Finally, it is worth paying attention to the teams’ best players, even based on statistics, because if they don’t play for some reason, expect serious twists and surprises. However, this requires the most important rule: let’s follow the events!

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