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Posted: January 30, 2023

Updated: January 30, 2023

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  • Water Polo Serie A1 odds

We have great news for the fans of Water Polo and everyone who loves one of the most interesting sports events around the world. Therefore, we recommend you register at any of the online gambling sites in Italy right away. Because the Water Polo Serie A1 odds are available. Therefore, the famous event returns after its prior cancellation. The Italian water polo teams are all excited to return to the most competitive environment in their country.

Therefore, this year is going to be one of the most important in the new-age history of Italian water polo. Because all of the teams had one year break from competitive events. Therefore, they will have to test themselves as returners. Some of the teams will prove better than they were. However, some will have a hard time returning to the pool. We will report on both the men’s and women’s leagues.

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About The Water Polo Serie A1 Odds

According to Pro Recco, the event barely returned and they already had a heated start. Because the Pro Recco destroyed the Nuoto Catania 13-6 in their hometown. Therefore, we see that the event is filled with pumped-up athletes. Because the event was canceled last year. Therefore, everyone wants to make a grand return by stomping the opponents. The 2023 event is going to begin soon, and we recommend you place a bet. Will any of the teams manage to compete against the team that represents Italy?

We believe the only hope for Pro Recco’s downfall is going to be AN Brescia. Furthermore, we have the women’s league where Sis Roma is pretty much-outperforming everyone else. The event has already begun, so do not hesitate to register at your sportsbook sites. Because you do not want to miss out on this one.

How To Bet On The Italian A1 Online?

To start the Water Polo Serie A1 odds, first, let us give you our sportsbook recommendation. Because this sport is not only popular in Italy. Therefore, you should look for a website that supports events such as the Hungarian OB1.

This is why we recommend you register at Vave SportsbookBecause you can play at VAVE from the US, EU, UK, and many other regions. Therefore, you will be able to access most worldwide events in all sports categories. Furthermore, VAVE is one of the most modern sites with cryptocurrency use. Therefore, you can use crypto on this site without having to gamble with your currencies. In conclusion, they use solid coins only.

Men’s Water Polo Serie A1 Odds

Let’s start the Water Polo Serie A1 odds by introducing you to the men’s league. While Water Polo is among the biggest Olympic scandals, the Italian league prides itself on fairness. This is why we can see that Pro Recco is destroying every other team at the moment.

The only team who can compete with them is AN Brescia. However, they are similar to the Újpest-Fradi situation in Hungary. However, if you believe in one team, then betting is extremely valuable. Because Pallanuoto Trieste starts with 25.76. But don’t bet on Catania if you don’t want to lose.

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  • Pro Recco – 1.25
  • AN Brescia – 3.99
  • Pallanuoto Trieste – 25.76
  • RN Savona – 36.03
  • CC Ortigia – 40.71
  • CN Posillipo – 201
  • Teli Mar – 290
  • RN Salerno – 491
  • Nuoto Catania – 501
  • RN Bogliasco – 501
  • SC Quinto – 501
  • Roma Nuoto – 501
  • Pallanuoto Anzio – 501
  • de Akker Bologna – 501

Italy A1 Betting Predictions 2023

It’s time to debate whether you should bet on AN Brescia or Pro Recco at the Water Polo Serie A1 odds. Therefore, we will say now, that they do not believe they could defeat Pro Recco. At least, if you are reading their news, they are trying to avoid mentioning the best team. Instead, they are focusing on defeating everyone except them. So far, they have drawn a draw with RN Savona.

However, this is not going to be enough to claim first place. According to the An Brescia, they have been training for the Coppa Italia since the beginning of the year. Therefore, the team is going to score 2nd place. However, they couldn’t compete with Pro Recco this year. In conclusion, we believe that you can not go wrong by betting on Pro Recco this year.

Women’s Water Polo Serie A1 Odds

The men’s league is not the only event happening. According to Instagram, the Sis Roma have assembled once again after the break. However, we can not talk with the same enthusiasm here. Not because these athletes are not the absolute best. But because the competition is even more obvious than the men’s league.

Therefore, Sis Roma is going to dominate this bracket with no question. Maybe CS Plebiscito Padova will give them some comebacks. However, the victory is pretty much granted to the girls. We highly recommend you place a bet on Sis Roma, even if the odds are not too charming. Because there is no way for Padova to win this year.

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  • Sis Roma – 1.5
  • CS Plebiscito Padova – 3
  • Ekipe Orizzonte – 7.01
  • Rapallo Pallanuoto – 501
  • RN Bologna – 501
  • Bogliasco Bene – 501
  • RN Florentia – 501
  • Pallanuoto Trieste – 501
  • Brizz Nuoto – 501
  • Asd Como Nuoto Recoaro – 501

In Conclusion

As a conclusion to the Water Polo Serie A1 odds, we are going to mention that these teams have just returned to the league. Therefore, they are experienced athletes who still need time to bounce back into shape. However, this has increased their spirit to compete against each other. This year, we believe that the Pro Recco is going to win the men’s league.

However, the Sis Roma will win with no questions here. Therefore, we recommend you register at Vave Sportsbook and place your safe bet. Because sometimes the outcome of a sports event is just obvious when teams are destroying the lesser teams left and right.

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