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Posted: January 30, 2023

Updated: January 30, 2023

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In this article we are going to talk about the PDC World Championship 2023 odds. Therefore, we will go through the usual process. First, we will explain what the event is all about to those who are new. However, we are also going to give valuable information and tips for veterans at the online gambling sites in the UK. Because you shouldn’t miss out on the PDC if you love darts. Therefore, this year is going to bring back old faces.

Furthermore, we might relive the 2014 atmosphere with Michael Van Gerwen and Peter Wright going to the finals. However, they also have to count on Michael Smith to go for his second PDC title this year. Because he is not ready to retire from darts yet. However, this year is going to be intense when it comes to the first pick. You can start your bet by 4.10 odds.

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About The PDC World Championship 2023 Odds

Before we jump into the summary of the odds. First let us introduce you to this event. Therefore, the PDC World Darts Championship is one of the most prestigious darts events. According to the National World, you can watch the finals live with the cheapest ticket of £75. The 2023 champion was already found. Therefore, you can already bet on next year’s championship. And from the experience we have right now, we are confident in our opinions.

The championship will be held in the Alexandra Palace. Which is the home to many other prestigious sports and gambling events. Therefore, we are going to the United Kingdoms. If you wish to place a bet on the event, we recommend you to register at Playzilla Sportsbook. Because the odds in this article are their courtesy.

Summary Of The Last Year

According to The Guardian, last year’s winner was Michael Smith. From his interview we have learned that his main motivation was to impress and support his children. Therefore, this motivation might cease to exist this year. Because he already made his kids the proudest they can ever be. Therefore, other darts players might have more interest in acquiring the World Champion title in 2024.

This year came to a close after his 7–4 victory against Michael Van Gerwen. Therefore, the PDC World Championship 2023 odds are going to feature next year’s event. However, last year was iconic due to the fact that this is the first time when he won. In conclusion, he has broken the circle of usual winners. And he is going to stay for a re-match in 2024.

PDC World Championship 2023 Odds

Now that you are situated about the event. Let us review the PDC World Championship 2023. Therefore, we have Michael Smith starting off the list with 4.10 odds. However, we can bet on the legendary Peter Wright to win at 11 already. According to PDC, you can follow the tournament on your cable channels in various countries at: Viaplay, DAZN, Sport1, Fox Sports, Prago Sport, TV play, TVP and more.

Smith, Michael – 4.10

Price, Gerwyn – 8.60

Wright, Peter – 11.00

Rock, Josh – 13.00

Clayton, Jonny – 18.00

Humphries, Luke – 19.00

Van den Bergh, Dimitri – 35.00

Van Duijvenbode, Dirk – 35.00

Cross, Rob – 35.00

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Aspinall, Nathan – 40.00

Chisnall, Dave – 40.00

Noppert, Danny – 40.00

Cullen, Joe – 45.00

Smith, Ross – 45.00

Heta, Damon – 60.00

Dobey, Chris – 60.00

Anderson, Gary – 60.00

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Can Michael Smith Win Again?

Let’s talk about Michael Smith among the PDC World Championship 2023 odds. Because this year is going to be a little different from the previous. Therefore, we are going to have three women’s players in 2023. They are going to represent a fight the male league hasn’t faced before. However, what makes this question all the more valid is the motivation of Michael Smith. Therefore, he is actively voicing the fact that he won all of this for his kids. However, he has already impressed his kids.

Therefore, it is time for another darts father to make the offspring proud. Furthermore, Michael Smith might receive a little confidence boost. But can he win a championship two times in a row? We believe that this year Michael Smith is not a good betting pick. Because he is already on the top, and it’s time for Grewyn and Peter to try.

Peter Wright Is Back

That’s right, Peter Wright is back at the game. Therefore, if you are looking for a better betting pick we definitely recommend him. He is one of the most likely winners on the PDC World Championship 2023 odds. He was the winner of the 2022.

However, in the 2023 year he did not participate in last year’s event. Therefore, his career is not over, and he will return to claim his throne once again. And if no one on the list will win?

We still have one of the top 7 female darts player to give us something new. However, just coming from statistics and relevant experience. We believe that Peter Wright is going to have the best chance at winning. But if you are not too sure about him, at least try to place a bet on him becoming a runner-up.

Bet On The PDC World Championship 2023 Odds

As a conclusion for the PDC World Championship 2023 odds. We are going to teach you how to place a bet on the 2023 PDC world championship. Therefore, all you need to do is to follow this step by step guide to understand everything you need to know. Keep in mind that there are steps you can easily miss out on.

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  • Use the search bar on the left to locate darts, and expand the menu to the PDC World Championship 2023 odds.
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  • Once you found it, all you need to do is to click on the name you wish to bet on and to purchase your betting slip.

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