This Week in Pictures, September 12-18, 2017

This Week in Pictures

With no shortage of big news stories breaking around the world over the last seven days we take a moment to look back at some of the most important.

In the United States President Donald Trump appeared to pull the rug from under the feet of his own party, The Republicans, when after dinner with leading Democrats including Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer seemed to announce a deal on saving DACA or “Dreamers” program participants from possible deportation in an arrangement that would see bi-partisan cooperation on a package of border security measure that may, or indeed may not, include financing for the much vaunted Mexican Wall.

In the UK London commuters were, on Friday morning, subject to a terrorist attack when a bucket bomb failed to completely detonate on a District line train at Parsons Green causing panic that injured up to 30 people attempting to flee the scene. Police made two arrests in connection with the attack and downgraded the UK’s terror threat assessment from “Critical” to “Severe” with the Home Secretary, Amber Rudd, claiming the investigation was making “good progress” following three raids across Surrey and London.

In North Korea the military of Kim Jong-un conducted yet another missile test last week firing an intercontinental missile across Japan for the second time in three weeks. Japanese citizens in Hokkaido, directly under the flight path, were warned to seek shelter as the missile passed overhead before splashing down in the Pacific 2,200km east of Cape Erimo. This makes it the longest range test at 3,700km so far and experts said it was probably a variant of the Hwasong-12 as used in August.

In sports Lewis Hamilton won the Singapore Grand Prix after a first lap incident that saw the cars of Kimi Raikkonen and Sebastian Vettel sandwich the Red Bull of Max Verstappen putting both Ferrari out of the race. This puts Hamilton 28 points ahead in the championship but can he hang on to the lead until that final race in Abu Dhabi? You’ll have to read our daily news pages to find out but in the meantime here’s a look at some of the other stories we covered from around the world last week.

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Meanwhile in Germany a regular attendee of a gym in the city of Worms (yes, it’s real, look it up) had to be rescued by the local fire brigade after becoming trapped in the provided weights. The fact that it was his penis that had become entangled in a 2.5 kg weight made the rescue somewhat embarrassing for the poor unnamed chap involved and the involvement of both angle grinders, a piece of hydraulic rescue equipment and a saw (!!!) makes it eye-wateringly horrific to think about for the rest of us.

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