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Posted: May 5, 2020

Updated: May 5, 2020

  • Some casinos have not only classic games to play
  • Gambling houses offer the weirdest games you have even seen
  • Visit gambling sites to try something new when fed up with poker

Online and land-based casinos usually offer a standard set of games from one gambling house to another. When one is fed up with poker variations, roulette or slot machines, interesting alternatives are here to help. Check the list of the weirdest casino games and try them on some future occasion.

If you have been to a casino either on-land or online, you might have noticed that each of them has a pretty similar set of games. On average, land-based gambling houses offer roulette, craps, slots, poker, and other card games for your entertainment. Their online counterparts add to this list quite unpopular variants like Sic Bo, Red Dog, or Pontoon aka a British variation of blackjack. Once you try them all and will be seeking a new gambling experience, pay attention to the 5 weirdest casino games ever.

These unusual and quite specific games are rarely offered in luxurious 5-star casinos or at the online casino sites in the US. However, they are not being fallen into oblivion and the most compulsive players can book a ticket to cities where they can experience all the craziness of gambling. So, what are these crazy games for money?

Belgian Birdsong or Vinkensport from Europe

One of the most unusual casino games can be found in Belgium, which is obvious from its name. Vinkensport or Birdsong is something similar to greyhound or horse racing with a key difference: it is played in a casino and you bet on a bird to sing. Doesn’t it sound crazy? To make it clearer, imagine a big room with dozens of birds (finches) caged separately. Visitors place their bets on the bird that will sing the longest among the others. Other variations on this weird game include betting on finches to sing the loudest, use different “accents” or start its solo first.

weirdest casino games
Vegas has it all.

Birdsong game originated from a popular animal sport Vinkensport with the same rules. It first took place in 1596 and changed to a popular gambling competition by the 21st century. Unfortunately, you can stake your bet on birdsong in Belgium only, but we are sure that this game will appear in Vegas casinos sooner or later.

Face a smart opponent in The Chicken Challenge game

Another ridiculous game featuring birds is The Chicken Challenge. If you have never heard about this crazy casino entertainment, you lost a lot! This game offers players to compete in a game of noughts and crosses against… a chicken! Yes, a real chicken called Ginger, who lives and “works” at the Tropicana Hotel and Casino in Atlantic City. The gambling house gives a chance to win $100.000 if you manage to beat this smart bird. However, don’t underestimate your opponent, because Ginger isn’t as easy to outplay as you think.

Play War till the end because you can’t give up

The classic card game from our childhood also hit some casinos and online gambling sites. If you know this game and wonder why it is on the list of the weirdest casino games, let’s refresh its rules in memory. Two players usually participate in War or one player fights against a dealer if speaking about a casino. A deck is equally divided between two opponents and then they start to open cards one by one. The player whose card is higher takes both. In case of a tie, players double their bets and open the next card. The aim is to collect the whole deck in your hand.

This game is not as simple as you might have thought. Basically, it is an endless competition where two opponents can be stuck for hours. You can’t give up before one of the players has the whole deck. So, arm yourself with patience if you want to try it.

weirdest casino games
Try something weird next time!

Rodent Roulette is among the weirdest casino games

Besides a classic roulette we are fed up with and Russian Roulette we don’t recommend to play, there is one more interesting game. Rodent Roulette is another entertainment featuring animals, but mice are under the spotlight this time. The rules of this game are similar to the traditional roulette, but here you bet on a mouse to appear from a random hole. To play the mice game, a casino dealer places a big box with 50 holes, and players bet on their favorite one. After placing all bets, the dealer frees the mouse, and it chooses a hole to look out from. If someone guesses the right hole, he/she wins.

Sometimes you can meet Rodent Roulette under the name Mouse Roulette or even Gerbil Roulette because some casinos use gerbils instead of small mice. However, the ground rules remain the same, so the name doesn’t really matter.

Try to win playing Dreidel – A Jewish game

While speaking about the most unusual and weirdest casino games, it is impossible to omit Dreidel. This game is Jewish by its origin and sometimes has the corresponding symbols or pieces with Hebrew words, but most international casinos like Bovada offer translation to several languages. This game is played with a four-sided spinning top with 4 designations, which mean all, none, half, and put in.

So, to play Dreidel in a casino you need to place a bet on one side of the top and let the fortune smile on you. If you guess the side, you win. If not, try your luck again. This game is quite popular in certain casinos as it is really simple to play and is easy to win due to 4 possible winning options. This is a perfect game to try even at home in a family circle.

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