Weirdest Facts About Keno To Blow Your Mind

  • Keno was invented to help to build the Great Wall. Is it true?
  • The lottery, bingo, or keno: what game is the supreme one?
  • Learn what are your chances to hit 20/20 numbers in Keno
weirdest facts about Keno

Do you think that Keno is the most innocent gambling game to play? Check the weirdest facts about Keno and let them blow your mind! We have collected top-3 crazy findings of its history and winning chances that will turn your ideas about “the most predictable game” upside down.

Keno has always been one of the easiest and safest games to play. One can easily win on Keno without much effort or skills; that is why this game is so popular. However, even Keno has its own skeletons in the closet that can surprise you. Do you want to know why it stands above the lottery or what are the chances to hit the main jackpot? Check the top-3 facts about Keno below, as the answers are not as predictable as you think!

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Keno appeared in China for a great mission

Keno is one of the oldest gambling games that still exist and even have many fans across the world. Do you know how this game has emerged by people’s beliefs? If not, here is the most interesting legend that touches upon the origin of Keno. 

According to an ancient Chinese legend, the Keno game emerged around 200 BC. The lottery-like game was introduced to raise funds to finish the building of some parts of the Great Wall of China. Just to remind you – the first walls of the constructions were built in the 7th century BC, but the major sections were finished later. Most parts were built under the Ming dynasty reign in the 1600s. By the legend, funds were not enough to construct the 21-km-long wall in time, so that is why Keno emerged.

Surely, this is just a legend and one of the weirdest facts about Keno as nobody knows the exact date of the game emergence. It was not mentioned in any chronicles before it reached Europe in the 19th century. However, the legend is truly impressive and indirectly confirms the ancient roots of Keno.

Weirdest facts about Keno: it is a hybrid game

Another interesting fact about the Keno game also touches upon its origin. The modern version of Keno is a hybrid game of the lottery and bingo. It borrowed and then combined some elements of both gambling games; it is cards with lots of numbers, where you have to guess a certain part of all numbers. You can find all three games available at online casinos in China.

weirdest facts about Keno
Those are some weird facts.

However, it is still questionable whether it was Keno to steal the principles of lottery and bingo or vice versa. Historians say that bingo as a game emerged around the 1500s. This fact makes the Keno game to be invented first. What about the lottery, which is considered as one of the most ancient games in the world?

If we turn back to chronicles, we will see that the first lotto games took place near 200 BC – like Keno. However, the very first lottery signs were nothing else than.. Keno slips! So, the Keno game is the oldest among them and, technically, lotto & bingo originated from it.

Guessing 20/20 numbers can make you a billionaire

The craziest Keno fact is about winning though. All in all, everyone plays this game to win, not to learn its history. So, here is one of the weirdest facts about Keno that will definitely blow your mind.

As you know, the Keno game is generally about guessing 1-20 numbers. The more you pick correctly, the more you win. Do you know what will happen if you hit the bull’s eye with 20/20 winning numbers? You will become a billionaire as chances of catching 20 numbers on a 20-number draw are no less than astonishing – 1 in 3,535,316,142,212,174,320. It means that a 1 in 3.5 quintillion chance of winning all picks is really hard, but if you do it, you will be super lucky! 1xBet Casino gives you this chance to win, so do not waste it!

To get more confidence in your luck and skills, do not hesitate to read some Keno winning strategies.

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