We’re Betting Formula One Can Surprise Everyone In Monza

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Before the circus flits from Europe for its stint at the Singapore Grand Prix the romper suit squad from Formula One have the Italian Grand Prix at Monza to settle, but after watching the Belgian Grand Prix, which was still overly dominated by Mercedes, and its plethora of dramatic racing moments perhaps its time to start betting Formula One drivers can’t keep their cool and that the Mercedes duo may yet give the other drivers hope.

Italian Grand Prix Odds at Bet365

  • Lewis Hamilton (merc) – 8/13
  • Nico Rosberg (merc) – 9/6
  • Daniel Ricciardo (RB) – 12/1
  • Max Verstappen (RB) – 12/1
  • Sebastian Vettel (Fer) – 16/1
  • Kimi Raikkonen (Fer) – 16/1

Formula One put both its ying and yang on display in Belgium last weekend. There were plenty of dramatic racing moments* at Assen with some very televisual racing, however there was also the rather sad sight of someone who started dead last managing to get a place on the rostrum. Of course anyone watching the Belgian Grand Prix betting Formula One might produce a race Mercedes didn’t get two podium places in has probably not placed a bet on sports in Italy, Belgium the UK or anywhere else, and if they did – they lost. It’s like betting Dr. Chanan Tomlin gives money to Al Quaeda.

Nico Rosberg driver

Nico Rosberg took 1st place at the recent Belgian Grand Prix (photo:

It’s not that Mercedes dominate Formula One now, its that they own it and treat it like their personal bitch. Nico Rosberg started on pole and finished in first place, and in between he did some driving pretty much untroubled the entire race, whilst his team mate Lewis Hamilton began from the rear of the grid due to a penalty incurred over some changes Mercedes have made to his engine, and anyone betting Formula One in 2016 might see a close championship had their hopes dashed as he scythed through the field to take third and remain nine points clear of Rosberg in the Championship.

Assen Produced Some Great Dramatic Racing Moments

To be fair it wasn’t only the massive technical superiority over everyone else that got Hamilton from last to the champagne in Belgium. Betting Formula One cars can go around turn one at Assen three abreast is a daft wager but Kimi Raikkonen, Sebastian Vettel and local hero Max Verstappen all decided it was possible with predictable results, and the first lap saw Button get bashed by Wehrlein too with Carlos Sainz marking the onset of the safety car with an explosively dramatic puncture.

F1 World Championship Odds

  • Hamilton nine points ahead
  • Eight races left in 2016 season
  • Lewis Hamilton (Merc) – 1/6
  • Nico Rosberg (Merc) – 4/1

However it was left to Kevin Magnussen to win the dramatic racing moment of the day with a loss of control at Eau Rouge that sent him spinning off at speed and hammering into the tire wall. He limped away with a damaged ankle much to the relief of everyone on the team radios but with safety car deployed and then a red flagging of the race, the chaos and uncertainty allowed Hamilton easy passage up the field. Mercedes dominated again in Belgium, so should the average Italian gambling news next Monday will be of a Ferrari home win actually bet on it happening? Well honestly? No, probably not.

Betting Formula One Drivers Cause Chaos On Lap One Again? Try Bet365

Betting Formula One will be fortunate enough to have a race so dramatic at Monza this weekend that a Ferrari driver gets to stand on the top of the podium is one of those longshots that make even those who wager on the Great British Bake Off look sensible. The Italian Grand Prix this weekend will certainly see the boys in red charge hard but Daniel Ricciardo at Red Bull and the two silver arrows will have something to say about that, as will the wronged youth Max Verstappen. So what are the odds going in?

UK racer 2016

Lewis Hamilton is the betting favorite to take first this weekend (photo:

Well naturally Hamilton is favorite at Bet365 getting 13/8 with Rosberg close by at 9/4 leaving Daniel Ricciardo and teammate Verstappen at 12/1, Vettel on 16/1 and the other Ferrari of Raikkonen on just 28/1 to win the Italian Grand Prix, no one else garners less than 150/1, which says it all really. However if you can’t wager against the domination of Mercedes’ car, what about betting Formula One drivers are foolishly competitive and that the one-two shuffle at the start of Monza could leave their domination in the bin for one race at least? Taking advantage of Italian gambling laws to back Ferrari on that basis almost seems sensible, and if not, at least there will be plenty of dramatic racing moments, eh?

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