What are PRNGs?

  • Casinos go to great pains to ensure that all game play is fair
  • They are constantly updating and changing the core algorithm
  • Because it's all random, then winning or losing is down to luck
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So what are PRNGs? Well, let’s start at the beginning. You’ve found an online casino where you want to spend both money and time. You’ve logged in and everything is looking peachy. Yet there’s this nagging voice that’s telling you the games are all rigged in favor of the online casino. That you have no chance of winning and are simply being played as a sucker. To put your mind at rest, that’s where PRNGs come into play.

Introduction: What are PRNGs?

An ongoing big concern from many players is the frequency of bad beats they find in online games. There can be a number of reasons why this appears to be more prominent. First things first. All online casino sites in the US are actually working with random numbers. Yes, that’s right, totally random. They make use of PRNGs or Pseudo Random Number Generators. What these programs to do is simulate a random hand, of cards just as if a real dealer were dealing. One reason for the appearance of a string of bad beats, is simply because in online poker, the dealing is at a much faster rate. So it’s just a false perception brought about by the higher speed of play when compared to a human dealer.

The Brains of a Gaming Machine

A PRNG is the software that the virtual machines run with. It goes without saying that they are constantly being tested to ensure that there are no weaknesses in the code. Somewhere within the kernel is the original logarithm. Now, suppose you were able to figure out that algorithm. You could then control the output for those machines.

Security First

So it’s no surprise to hear that casino keep their algorithm under lock and key. Not only that, but they are constantly updating and testing for weaknesses and loopholes. All licence casinos like the Vegas Crest Casino must use PRNGs. The job of the PRNG is to turn the software into an actual hand of cards. It goes without saying that if this process is not functioning correctly, then the cards will not appear to be random. Maybe certain hands will appear a number of times again or some other combinations will stand out. For absolute fair play, there can be no room for bias. And that’s why casinos take security and implantation so seriously.

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Looking For the Back Door

In the real world there are plenty of hackers and shady players who want to take a crack at the PRNGs. Online casino news in the US reports they have both determination and some have considerable resources to help them. They will spend huge amounts of time and effort trying to either directly control, or predict how the machines work. To make their lives harder, casinos like Vegas Crest Casino are constantly adjusting their PRNGs. Most sites do this a minimum of at least twice per year.


So back to your initial concern. About the games being somehow made so that you have no chance of winning. Written on all websites will be the RTP or Return to Player. This is the amount of money you can expect to win back over a period of time. Say, for example you spend $100 and the RTP is 98%. It means that, over time, you’ll win back $98. So the casino keeps $2 in this case. When you combine the PRNG and the RTP, along with all the stringent legal rules with regard to gambling and casino licencing, you’ll see that the games are simply random. And most of them are down to your good luck.

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