What are the odds for Cristiano Ronaldo leaving Real Madrid?

odds for Cristiano Ronaldo leaving Real madrid

Real Madrid need money, and Ronaldo will will want to leave on a high. So, what are the odds for Cristiano Ronaldo leaving Real Madrid?

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always have odds for Cristiano Ronaldo leaving Real Madrid, but in recent months his depature seemed a realistic possibility. He’s 31, and probably only has one big contract left. To maximise his value it would make sense to sign up to retire at Real Madrid, or make one last big move.

32Red Sportsbook odds for Ronaldo’s club after the 2016 summer transfer window:

  • Real Madrid @1.10 (1/10)
  • Man United @ 5.50 (9/2)
  • Bayern Munich @ 12.00 (11/1)
  • Man City @ 16.00 (15/1)
  • PSG @ 16.00 (15/1)

There’s also Real Madrid, who face a transfer ban after this summer’s window. They won’t be able to buy anyone till 2018, so naturally they are keen to make some big deals while they can. However, will they need to sell Ronaldo to fund that spending fee? They can sell James Rodriguez and Isco, but even together they might be worth as much as Ronaldo. And if he leaves, Gareth Bale could become the main man and become far more marketable himself.

Although he still scores loads of goals, he is perhaps most valuable for his marketing ability. Manchester United would pay anything to get him back, especially as most of their reasoning in the transfer market seems dictated towards star quality, rather than necessarily ability. Even if he declines, they’d still sell shirts.

After the departure of Zlatan, PSG would also be tempted to purchase a global star. Ronaldo might be tempted by the idea of winning the Champions League for teams in three different countries. At the same time, if a club like Bayern Munich or Manchester City could persuade him to come, they have the money to attract him and he’d still make their teams better. So don’t rule out their interest.

Champions League should shorten odds for Cristiano Ronaldo leaving Real Madrid

In recent months there has been talk that Real Madrid had decided to keep him, and that he would be offered a new contract. He, too, spoke fondly about the idea of “retiring” there. However, Champions League glory my change that. Now there is a sense that there is nothing left to win, especially with the unlikelihood of Real winning once again next year.

It must surely be tempting for Ronaldo to leave on an absolute high, and go off in pursuit of a new challenge. And Madrid would not suffer the bad press in the event of his departure that they would have if they’d had an unsuccessful season. Until he signs his deal, check out
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for the best odds for Cristiano Ronaldo leaving Real Madrid.

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