This Week in Pictures: May 24 – May 30, 2016

Week in Pictures   May 24 - May 30, 2016

With a huge number of important news stories breaking around the world last week we take the time to recap some of the biggest from the last seven days.

Last week the World Health Organization was forced to down-play heightened concerns over Rio Olympics to be held this summer despite the on-going spread of the Zika Virus in the region. Calls by 100 scientists for the games to be moved or delayed, saying it was “unethical” to go ahead under these conditions, were dismissed by Bruce Aylward of the WHO. The International Olympic Committee has, at this time, no plans to move or delay the games, but that may change if the number of infections, currently around 30,000 a month, rises significantly and the WHO adjusts its stance on the matter.

In the Mediterranean up to 700 migrants attempting to cross from Libya to Italy were feared drowned after three vessels sank on consecutive days last week. With the deal between the EU and Turkey closing that access route the migrants were attempting the longer more perilous crossing from North Africa. The largest of the three was carrying 550 people who are missing, presumed drowned, after the vessel capsized south of Italy on Thursday morning. At least 13,000 people were rescued from the sea last week by international efforts in the same region.

In the Middle East the disagreement between Saudi Arabia and Iran saw the former ban pilgrims from the latter attending this year’s Hajj, the pilgrimage all Muslims are encouraged to undertake at least once. Iran accused Saudi Arabia of “sabotage” whilst the Saudis said the Iranians were denying its citizens access to religious duty by refusing to sign a deal on conditions of attendance. The dispute was not unexpected, the two nations also support opposing sides in Syria and Yemen, and have long been regional rivals.

In sports Real Madrid beat Atletico Madrid in the Champions League final in Milan. With goals from Sergio Ramos and Yannick Carrasco keeping the game level till the full time whistle, extra-time produced no results and it was the inevitable penalty shootout that led to Real winning 5-3, their 11th title win, can they do it a 12th time? You’ll have to read our daily news pages to find out, but in the meantime here’s a look at some of the big stories we covered over the course of the last seven days.

1. GamingZion presented the reasons why players should bet on Michael Bisping to beat Luke Rockhold.
Bisping vs Rockhold fight

Bisping to Beat Luke Rockhold ? (Photo: Foxsportsasia)

2. Ádám Vay was one of the brightest talent who was discovered from the Hungarian National Team during the IIHF World Championship.
Ádám Vay First Hungarian in NHL History

From MOL League to NHL (Photo: Jussi Nukari/

3. We look at the Brexit debate that has descended into alarmist farce and try to gauge your best bet on the EU Referendum.
Bet On The EU Referendum

Put your money where your vote is! (Photo: Alamy )

4. Paddy Power offered the opportunity for its customers to place their bets on the weather.
Can You Bet on the Weather

It may rain with money for you!!! (Photo: CRAY )

5. GamingZion showed players the top tips to make money from betting in-play on the French Open.
French Open in-play markets

Look for the “in-play” betting options (Photo: )

6. The richest football match in history, the play-off final takes at Wembley between Hull City and Sheffield Wednesday.
Play-off of the richest final

Winners of the richest final (Photo: hullcitytigers)

7. Bet on Thiem for French Open Dream after Beating Top Teen
Dominc Thiem could have his breakthrough year after the withdrawal of Rafael Nadal.
Bet on Thiem

Would you put mony on Thiem? (Photo: Argentina Open)

Meanwhile the Pope revealed that he is fond of beauty vlogs, last week, in what was described as an “intimate” meeting with some of stars of Youtube. The pope said to Louise Pentland of the Sprinkle of Glitter Channel; “To preach beauty and show beauty helps neutralize aggression” although the degree to which the head of the Catholic Church should be announcing his interest in young women ‘showing beauty’ on the internet is still questionable, especially as he seems to imply he’d be aggressive if they didn’t.

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