How to use French Open in-play markets to make money!

French Open 2016

The French open is a great time to bet on tennis, and with French Open in-play markets you have a great way to make money. Here are our top tips to make money from betting in-play.

Important first step: Learn what a French Open in-play market is…

This is simple. The French Open (alternatively, “Roland Garros”) is one of Tennis’s four grand slams. It’s played on clay. Rafael Nadal used to win the Men’s Singles pretty much every year, but now Djokovic is the favourite.

Remember to read our Men’s French Open Tennis Preview and A guide to the French Open Women’s Singles Contenders for tips and best bets!

In-play markets are selections of odds on events that have already begun. You can also make money by betting on events before they begin, but it’s advantageous to bet once the event is underway and the odds have changed. As Men’s Grand Slam tennis requires players to win three sets, matches can last a long time. This means odds can change dramatically several times.

Find an online sportsbook that offers French Open in-play markets

You have to find an online sportsbook that offers French Open in-play markets, obviously. Many sportsbooks now offer live odds of in-play events, with different levels of information about the event. Don’t bet with a sportsbook who doesn’t show you the score and, importantly, updates it quickly.

Betway in-play

BetVictor’s helpful in-play timeline

Look for even more information though. BetVictor provide a helpful timeline of the match, while Betway Sports and Bwin Sports provide compact screens where you can see the score and the available bets. Paddy Power offer a helpful French Open in-play section where you can see the scores of several matches at once. It’s a useful service even if you don’t plan to bet!

Make sure your chosen sportsbook offers cash-out

Players who come back to win from losing positions:

  • Andy Murray
  • Gilles Simon
  • Serena Williams
  • Timea Bacsinsky

    In addition to betting after an event has started, with “cash-out” you can collect winnings before an event has finished! Cash-out is useful if you suspect that your selection isn’t actual going to win. You can use this to salvage some of your stake when your pick isn’t performing like you hoped. Or your selection may be winning, but you spot a weakness or a sign of tiredness: you can get out while you’re ahead.

    Paddy Power in-play

    Paddy Power French Open in-play homescreen

    You can plan for this too: for instance, you might think a player is better than their odds suggest but don’t think they’ll have the stamina to win. So you bet on them, knowing that you’ll be able to cash out for more money before they collapse.

    Find a TV or a sportsbook with live streaming

    You can follow a match by reading twitter or a live blog, which can be helpful: expert analysis can be more useful than your own eyes. However, if you back yourself, then find a stream of the game. Some online sportsbooks in the EU provide live steaming, but the French Open should be easy enough to find on tv or online.

    Analyse the French open matches!

    Players who collapse from winning positions:

    • Ivo Karlovic
    • Richard Gasquet
    • Ana Ivanovic
    • Genie Bouchard

      You can pick one match you want to bet on, or you can select a few. Sometimes the odds won’t go your way, but if you have a few options there’ll definitely be a chance to make money! Do some research on form: look out for players who regularly come back from a set behind, or players who establish early leads but don’t have the stamina to maintain their level!

      Even in players you don’t know well, watching a stream you might be able to spot a minor injury, or a change in momentum. If you bet quick enough, you can make money this way!

      Bet on French Open in-play markets!

      The skill required to make money on French Open in-play markets is to bet at exactly the right time. You want till a players odds rise as high as possible, right before they start improving and drop. If you
      bet on sports in the UK
      and are used to betting on Wimbledon, remember that the French Open takes place on clay not grass. This lengthens matches and means there can be far more twists and turns.

      It also rewards favourites, so when betting on a top player who is behind you can be more confident that they will make a comeback. Beware of betting on a very young or very old player who has won a couple of sets; they might not have the stamina required.

      Wait for your winnings… or cash out!

      Once you’ve bet in-play, make sure you keep your eyes on the tennis! If you realise that you’ve made a bad call, you can cash out without losing too much of your stake! Hopefully your pick will march to the finish line, but be ready to cash-out if you think they can’t. You can still make money…

      Betway in-play

      Betway in-play screen

      For example, when Stepanek played Murray in the first round, his odds to win were very high, and stayed high even after he won the first two sets. If you bet on him early, you could cash-out for impressive winnings late in the fifth set… even though he eventually lost!

      Now, get betting! Check out our online sportsbook reviews to find the best French Open in-play markets. You can be smart, but you still need great odds!

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