What Bettors Should Expect to See in World Cup 2014

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The sport of football set for greatest competition in years, however the event also involves an opportunity for money to be made by placing smart bets.

The World Cup comes but once every four years, making the great sporting event a favorite to wager on among regular bettors. There will be countless games to bet on, while many other option besides the results will also be offered to gambling enthusiasts.

After the last World Cup in South Africa has ended, William Hill reported profits in excess of GBP 135 million for the first 6 months of 2010. However, the World Cup in Brazil is set to become an even bigger power in the betting world.

Many analysts predict that the competition will surpass all previous gambling records, simply because it is Brazil, the Holy Grail of Football. World Cup 2014 betting will set new standards and figures for the gambling industry.

Brazil receiving a slight edge

It is often common for hosting nations to be given a little extra help from the officials during the matches. Brazil therefore, might be given a slight boost from the referee and the lines, which will overall increase their chances of achieving glory.

• Brazil maintains an edge for being the host

• Easy and predictable outcomes for some nations

• Belgium surprised everyone with their recent results

• Revolutionized way of gambling with mobile betting

Placing a bet on Brazil reaching the final and claiming the Cup for a sixth time in their illustrious football history might just be the safest bet to make. If by some unlucky chance they miss out on the title, then there are also high chances of them winning a place on the podium.

Nevertheless, some believe that smaller countries like Croatia, Uruguay or Russia may show a surprise and manage to escape from the shackles of the big footballing nations, by actually reaching the latter stages of the tournament.

Predictable bets

Spain has not altered their philosophy of playing for some time now. Their biggest strength is their immense control of the ball, as they maintain to make full use of the passing game.

If Diego Costa does not come back to full form, bettors should expect them to uphold to their roots in hits World Cup as well, as they might again employ a formation without a real striker.

England, as always, will hope to compete on the same level with the other great nations and actually win something for once. However, many sporting fans doubt that is a possibility in this year’s world Cup. Wayne Rooney will try to show his attacking ability, despite that fact that some believe that his prime has passed him.

Italy does not boast the same depth in the squad it used to years ago, although their manager is adamant to silence the critics. If Balotelli focuses his efforts solely on football, they may decide rely their hopes on him, instead of the magic of Pirlo.

Belgium’s strong team

In the qualifying rounds, Belgium has been a real revelation to the world. They were merciless, as they topped of their group undefeated with only two draws. The last time they have qualified for the World Cup was 12 years ago, when the competition was help in Korea and Japan.

Their biggest achievement in the competition came in 1986 Mexico, when they finished 4th. However, beyond that they have never been a real force until now.

They command some of the best footballing talents in their squad. Judging by their qualifying records, gambling fans should anticipate them to score many goals and concede a few at the World Cup. Additionally, online gambling sites in Belgium predict that they will have an easy time proceeding to the next round.

Messi finally shining

Unlike in previous World Cups, Messi is expected to show his true genius in Brazil. Despite suffering a serious injury in the previous season with Barcelona, he has showcased a consistent upward trajectory with his contribution to the national team in recent years.

His goal scoring has increased substantially, as he bagged in 10 goals in the qualifying rounds for the World Cup. In the previous two editions of the competition (2006 and 2010), he recorded a solitary goal to his great name, which is not nothing compared to his goal-scoring abilities with Barcelona.

Brazil is the perfect moment for Messi to explode on the international stage, as by the next world Cup comes around he will be turning 31.

Gambling easier than ever

Betting players will see a reinvention of gambling in itself. Mobile betting is becoming increasingly popular with millions across the globe. Many players are switching from their traditional PC screens to a hand-held device, whether that be a phone or a tablet.

Due to this, many companies have upgraded and redesigned their online services to accommodate the needs of their customers. Not only will this increase the user experience, but it will allow online players to enjoy the overall World Cup without much hassle and interruption.

Many betting options will be available on the players’ phones and tablets, making it unnecessary for them to miss important moments of the games by betting on the PC.

For experienced sportsbook players, the World Cup will definitely be the tournament on which they can achieve highly lucrative winnings. Some of the bets are rather straightforward, therefore for people that know who and what to bet on, the prizes can be immense.

Estimates in England have emerged highlighting the predicted popularity of gambling at the World Cup. Reports state that UK gamblers will wager in excess of GBP 1 billion over the course of the tournament, which would mark the first billion Pound World Cup.

We haven’t considered the rest of the world, which surely goes into tens of billions. Every bettor should quickly analyze his bets and make the wager before the odds change, as the World Cup is set to commence.

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